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Revenge! Jumped Chase DeMoor headed to Jake Paul fight to payback ‘soft’ Nate Diaz, pillow-fisted goon squad

Chase DeMoor got snuck in the “Big Easy.”

The hulking football player and part-time reality television personality fell to 0-2 in his celebrity boxing career after getting disqualified at the Misfits Series 6 event last weekend in New Orleans. But his wild night of fighting was just getting started, thanks to an altercation with former UFC welterweight Nate Diaz.

Something about Diaz and water bottles just makes for a volatile combination.

“This message is for Nate Diaz and all his boys,” DeMoor said on Twitter. “As you can see, you guys finally put some damage on me. I didn’t take any damage in any of my boxing matches and you guys had to jump me in New Orleans. All of you guys who are in the UFC and MMA fighters and I had to fight your whole team off. You and your crew are the softest boys. All those kids on your team, I don’t know how they’re in the UFC or how they have any sort of winning record, you guys have pillows for hands, soft toilet paper for hands.”

But they have crowbars for arms (just ask this Logan Paul cosplayer).

Diaz is no stranger to street brawls, recently knocking around combat sports whipping boy Dillon Danis outside a UFC event in New York City. In addition, Diaz is never without his entourage of assorted goons who remain faithful to the old “monkey see, monkey do” adage. That may explain why water went flying (yet again) at the Misfits presser early last week, sending one poor schlep to the hospital.

“You guys are a bunch of wipes and I can’t wait to watch Jake Paul unalive you in August, whenever you guys are fighting, because I’ll be there and I’ll be there to handle all your goons too in case they get out of line,” DeMoor continued. “Nate, if you’re watching this, get yourself locked in a cage with me for five minutes, I promise you I’m going to show you what that 40-pound difference feels like. You’re soft. Jake, handle my light work.”

Fortunately, no beer was spilled in the attack.

Diaz, 38, will continue his post-UFC career as a professional boxer, making his in-ring debut against social media star Jake Paul. They have history (and I’m using that term loosely) after Diaz clowned one of the Nelk grifters over something not important enough to bother mentioning. Their “sweet science” spectacle is scheduled for Showtime pay-per-view (PPV) on Sat., Aug. 5, 2023 at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas (details here).

Unless DeMoor and his posse of disruptors gets their first.

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