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New angle! Video shows Chase DeMoor instigating bar brawl with Nate Diaz

While many are focusing on the Logan Paul look-a-like Diaz slept, a new video shows the New Orleans brawl involved Chase DeMoor, the man Nate threw a water bottle at earlier that night.

Jake Paul v Anderson Silva Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We always knew mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters competing with YouTube celebrities would turn into a clown show, but Friday night’s shenanigans have taken the situation to CLOWNCON 5.

Diaz is set to fight Jake Paul on Aug. 5, 2023, in Dallas, Texas. This weekend, though, he was in New Orleans, La., to cheer on his teammate, Chris Avila, at Misfits Boxing 6. Avila had no issues defeating his opponent, Paul Bamba, via unanimous decision. In fact, Diaz had more trouble outside the ring dealing with loudmouth “Influencers” trying to pick a fight with him.

Diaz was ejected from the event for throwing a water bottle at reality television personality, Chase DeMoor. Sometime later in the night, Diaz and DeMoor ended up at the same bar. That’s when the big brawl we witnessed in cell phone videos erupted. This new video shows Diaz leaving the club in a hurry and placing his back against a wall as several men in Chris Avila shirts shove and fight with people rushing toward the former UFC fighter.

One of those men, Logan Paul look-a-like, Rodney Peterson, approaches Diaz with his hands up. As more people push forward toward him, Diaz pulls Peterson into a clinch, knees him, and then slaps a choke on. Moments later, Peterson is dropped to the pavement where his head bounces off the concrete.

It was an ugly sight.

This new video angle swings things back to the bar where an angry DeMoor is tussling with several men. An unknown person steps in and clocks DeMoor upside the head and arm. DeMoor barely registers getting hit and puts his hands up as police and security rush in to restore order.

The camera then pans back to Peterson, who is laid out unconscious on the pavement. The incident isn’t crazy enough to stop a line of people from waiting patiently for their pizza slices at the takeout restaurant on the corner.

This is just another Friday night in the French Quarter, apparently.

We’re happy to say that Peterson seems to be okay. Shortly after video of his head hitting the pavement like a basketball came out, he was up and active and talking trash on social media. He hasn’t said whether he plans to press charges against Diaz for the assault, but he did suggest he’d “knock Diaz the f— out” if they run into each other again.

Good luck with that.

The Diaz vs. Paul fight is still three months away and already the Stockton, Calif., icon has an army of Internet goofballs chasing him around trying to gain clout off his name. Here’s hoping he makes it to his big payday without too many lawsuits along the way.

This just may be the first one.

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