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Highlights! Tim Sylvia puts opponent ‘on his ass’ in SlapFIGHT Championship debut

“The Maine-iac” won his slap fighting debut at SlapFight Championship 25 in Oklahoma City, Okla., on Saturday night. Check out some of the thunderous slaps that carried the former UFC champion to the win.

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Twitter - Tim Sylvia

Tim Sylvia has shut up the doubters and haters once again.

The 47-year-old former two-time Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight champion returned to athletic competition on Saturday night (April 22, 2023) at SlapFIGHT Championship 25 and absolutely smashed his opponent, a mystery man known only as “The Bouncer.”

Countless people were worried for “The Maine-iac” leading up to this bout. Back in 2015, Sylvia was denied a fight license after an abnormal showing on his MRI scan. That led him to retire from combat sports in general ... until SlapFIGHT lured him back with an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Who knows how much it cost them to get Sylvia to stand over the world famous SlapFIGHT barrel, but Sylvia proved he still had significant power in his slap hand. Video shared by both Sylvia and show the husky former champ wallop “The Bouncer” so hard the cotton ball in his ear to prevent drum damage goes flying across the stage.

After several seconds on the ground, the referee waved off the fight, making Sylvia the new SlapFIGHT Championship Heavyweight champion.

That was just the final blow. Sylvia knocked “The Bouncer” down on his first slap of the night as well. “The Bouncer” was foolish enough to get up and ask for more.

“Man i loved this,” Sylvia wrote on Twitter following the event.

Big Tim wasn’t the only UFC legend in Oklahoma City that night: MMA pioneer and Hammer House leader, Mark Coleman, was also in attendance to cheer on “The Maine-iac.”

But, it may not have just been support that Coleman was offering — there may be a future rivalry afoot.

“This is very serious, very real, tons of courage, it ain’t no bitch slap,” Coleman wrote on Instagram. “If Tim wins I have agreed to fight him next.”

Coleman, 58, suffered a catastrophic heart attack in 2020 that almost killed him. While he’s turned his life and health around over the past three years, we’re going to have to ask that some higher moral authority doesn’t let him get palm smashed by a 400-pound Sylvia.


For those of you interested in seeing all of Sylvia’s championship win at SlapFight Championship 25, the full event replay is airing on for $14.99.

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