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Team for UFC fighter-turned Misfits boxer scalds, hospitalizes cameraman during ugly hot water attack

UFC washout turned-Misfits boxer Chris Avila, who made a career out of cosplaying as Nate Diaz, was on the scene in New Orleans this week for a special pre-fight press conference ahead of Misfits Boxing 006 on DAZN. Avila is scheduled to throw hands with celebrity trainer Paul Bamba, best known to casual fans as the odd-man out during the Tommy Fumbles weigh-in fiasco last fall.

Not surprisingly, the presser ended in disaster.

That’s because members of Team Avila went rogue and started boiling members of Team Bamba. Unfortunately, a DAZN cameraman was scalded during the hot-water attack and subsequently sent to the hospital. I know the wannabe thugs who idolize idiotic behavior like this think they’re “keeping it real” but sooner or later someone is going to end up getting seriously injured ... or worse.

“It’s just been awkward the whole time,” Bamba told Fox ‘FoxTheG’ Townley. “He’s not even saying anything it’s mainly just his team doing weird stuff, throwing hot water on people, burning people. I was walking and they crossed the street and came and threw coffee on me and it was awkward as hell. I didn’t want to get jumped, though. I don’t think they were promoting, I think they were just trying to assault people. Who throws hot water on somebody? Cold water I get. One of the DAZN cameraman got burned, he’s on his way to the hospital.”

Hopefully promoters beef up security for Thursday’s weigh ins. Below is the latest Misfits Boxing 006 fight card.

JMX vs. LeVeon Bell
Chris Avila vs. Paul Bamba
Fangs vs. Alaena Vampira
Minikon vs. Jake The Viking
Walid Sharks vs. AJ Mitchell
Chase DeMoor vs. Stevie Knight
Kimbo Slice Jr vs. OJ Rose
Uncle Pizza vs. YuddygangTV

Misfits Boxing 006 takes place this Friday night (April 21) at Xula Convention Center in New Orleans.

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