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‘What a powerhouse!’ - Conor McGregor, Twitter react to reports that UFC is buying WWE

Check out what insiders, fans, fighters and others are saying about legitimate reports that Endeavor is buying World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in a multi-billion dollar deal.

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fans are used to a little professional wrestling news on their mixed martial arts (MMA) sites on WrestleMania weekends, but this is something else entirely. On Sunday afternoon, CNBC reported that a deal was close to being reached that would see UFC parent company, Endeavor, buy World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

According to this report, UFC and WWE would become part of a new publicly-traded company, with Endeavor owning 51 percent and WWE shareholders holding 49 percent. Endeavor CEO, Ari Emanuel, would remain overall chief executive, while WWE head honcho, Vince McMahon, would serve as executive chairman.

Interestingly enough, that would technically place him above UFC President, Dana White, in the new company’s org chart.

It’s a wild change, and word is the deal could be officially announced as soon as Monday. The Internet is already buzzing from the news, and a variety of important figures in both MMA and pro wrestling are already weighing in.

“Congrats to the UFC, now worth a cool Proper $12bn,” Conor McGregor wrote on Twitter regarding the deal. “Wow! Endeavor bout to scoop the WWE now also. Incredible. What a powerhouse!”

Take a look at other thoughts from across the Twitterverse:

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