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APEX summer! UFC requests licenses for four more house shows in Las Vegas

UFC is continuing to use its Apex facilities in “Sin City” as home ground for the first half of 2023.

UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, will continue to be used for smaller UFC events coming into summer 2023.

UFC President, Dana White, has repeatedly said that the combat sports promotion needs to get back out on the road and bring mixed martial arts (MMA) to more markets across North America. We’ve seen a recent increase in the number of ESPN events being held in places like Kansas City and San Antonio.

But, it looks like Apex will still feature prominently in the upcoming schedule. According to Nolan King, UFC “has officially requested event licenses for four more shows at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. May 20, June 3, June 17, and July 1.”

UFC started using the Apex facilities to host Fight Night events during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it served us all well during that troubled time. But, as the world has opened up and arenas across North America have resumed hosting sports events, we’re still waiting for the Apex to be shelved completely (outside of The Ultimate Fighter events, Contender Series shows, and the occasional Power Slap thing).

Instead, UFC held 21 of its 42 events of 2022 in the venue. And it looks like that trend may continue.

Thus far in 2023, four of the 12 events held by UFC have been at the APEX. Six of the 10 upcoming events between now and July 1, 2023, will be held at the APEX. So, the APEX ain’t going nowhere ... not this year at least. And given how much money UFC probably saves holding more than one-third of its shows there, we doubt it will stop getting used anytime soon.

The appeal of a sleek budget with lowered costs is probably just too much for the investment bros who own UFC to resist.

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