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Chris Curtis rips ‘fat f—k’ Kelvin Gastelum after UFC 287 loss: ‘I’m gonna bury you if I see you again’

Chris Curtis isn’t happy after his fight at UFC 287 this past weekend (April 8, 2023) in Miami, Florida.

The “Prelims” undercard portion of the event closed out with an all-action affair that earned “Fight of the Night” honors between Curtis and one-time interim title challenger, Kelvin Gastelum. Unfortunately for “Action Man,” Gastelum walked away with the much-needed unanimous decision win.

Curtis couldn’t disagree more with the result.

“I wanna f—king fight him again,” Curtis told Helen Yee. “I know he won’t do it. Fat f—k is probably running around eating Twinkies and tacos right now. Honestly, I’d love to run it back. He’s not gonna do it, I know he won’t do it. So at this point, it’s kind of up to the UFC.

“I’m gonna bury you if I see you again,” he concluded.

Curtis’ point of contention with the loss boils down to round two where he suffered an accidental head clash that appeared to visibly hurt him. The referee, however, missed the blow and didn’t pause the action, allowing for momentum to swing in Gastelum’s favor.

An appeal has since been filed to Florida’s athletic commission by Curtis to re-evaluate the decision and head clash moment in the fight. Until Curtis receives a new decision, it's safe to assume he’ll be bothered by the loss.

“I’m pissed as f—k,” Curtis said. “I feel like I lost via storyline. We split the fight one round a piece. Second round came down to a headbutt the ref missed and like some follow-up strikes in a round I was winning. All I gotta hear is this bulls—t about, ‘Oh, Kelvin’s back. He’s this, this, and this. He’s returned. It’s the best Kelvin he’s been.’ Yeah, but I was better than you that night. Lo and behold, f—k it. People are stupid and they love their storylines, so here we are.”

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