Logjam @ 185 - What's next for Izzy & why?

My opinions (some I have stated before but don't really have anything new to say on that so just gonna repeat it)

Contenders for Izzy @ 185: Izzy has cleaned out the division!
DDP is the highest ranked fighter in the top 10 that Izzy has not already beaten!! DDP is on a 7 fight win streak (5 in the UFC) with 6 finishes (4 in the UFC).

The next guy who is on a win streak & not yet fought Izzy is #12 Brendan Allen!!! That's it!!!

Just 2 guys (DDP & Allen) in the entire top 15 that are on win streaks and yet to fight Izzy!!!

There is legitimate beef between Izzy & DDP now thanks to the "true African" bullshit to make the fight a little more interesting (for some fans atleast)

DDP should be the next logical choice.

Why not do Izzy/Alex 3 in MMA?
Let us not confuse Kickboxing & MMA. Izzy & Alex are tied as far as results against each other is concerned in MMA.

Whether Alex stay's at 185 or not is his choice.

Alex was fast tracked to the title fight and did not have to fight any real contenders on his way to the title shot in the first place. Except for Sean, Alex has not fought a single fighter in the top 15 today at MW!!! In addition Alex lost his title on his 1st defense.

If he does stay back @ 185 then Alex should now have to fight contenders at MW and work his way back to the title.

Lots of fights there for him!! Not to mention Borz is unranked and that's something to consider too!!

My guess is that Alex moves up to 205!

What about Izzy vs Jamahal Hill for 205?
Fuck that..this champ-champ shit is ridiculous. Give up your belt and move up...!!

More seriously, Jamahal is yet to defend his belt against anyone. If Jiri is not back soon then there are a lot of contenders for Jamahal. He has only fought 3 contenders in the entire top 15; winning 2 (Walker & Crute) while losing to Craig!!

Why does Izzy's coach want Jamahal @ 205 over anyone @ 185?
It's the least risk for max reward model!!!!

Every champ going for the Champ-Champ thing without giving up the existing belt is asking for a risk free fight. If you lose you still have your other belt. If you win...$$$$!!!

Nothing to lose with everything to gain!! Why fight contenders when you can make the same money without the same risk??

How about Izzy/Borz?
Obviously Borz is unranked and has not beaten anyone even in the top 15 @ 185!!! It's a risky fight for no reward from Izzy's perspective.

Additionally, I think the UFC is not going to give Borz a title shot without atleast one top 15 win!!! Dana said that they are looking for a top 3-5 for Borz at MW. I think that plan still holds true!!! Borz/Costa may be up next for Borz.

What about PPV numbers & what makes sense for the UFC?
This here is the most important thing. The UFC will do what is in it's best interest.

Any Izzy PPV will sell pretty much irrespective of who is on the opposite end.

Yes, there is additional intrigue around Izzy/Alex 3 (real rivalry) or Izzy/Borz (novelty matchup). But these matchups exist in the future too.

If Alex stays @ 185 then that 3rd fight is even more compelling after Alex wins a couple fights.

Same holds true for Borz. While the novelty intrigue is there right now, it will actually be even more if he does win atleast 1 high level fight @ 185.

DDP is not a big draw but is a legitimate contender. Izzy/DDP will allow the UFC to make the required matchups between the rest and find the next #1 contender whether that ends up being Alex again or Rob again or Borz!!!

So I come back to DDP being the only logical choice for Izzy's next title defense!

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