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Jorge Masvidal on greasing accusations: Gilbert Burns ‘should blame’ his ‘f—king s—tty’ technique

Jorge Masvidal didn’t take too kindly to Gilbert Burns’ greasing accusations following their clash at UFC 287 this past weekend (Sat., April 8, 2023).

Burns picked up a comfortable unanimous decision victory over Masvidal in Miami, Florida. “Durinho” felt he had a solid chance of finishing “Gamebred” during their grappling exchanges, but instead couldn’t get a proper grip on the allegedly greased Baddest Motherf—ker (BMF) champion.

“There’s a commission. There was, like, three commissioners backstage,” Masvidal told The MMA Hour. “There’s numerous people backstage besides [UFC anti-doping partner United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)]. I’ve never greased, I’ve never been caught for cheating or anything.

“Maybe I’m the sweatiest motherf—ker he knows, but I’ve never greased,” he continued. “I’ve never put on anything in my life for forever. I’ve never done that in my life. Maybe he should blame his technique for f—king being s—tty, not being able to do anything but just hold on the ground.”

Burns spoke with full confidence after the fight that Masvidal had used an old-school lotion technique to get himself ready for the ground exchanges in the match up. Ultimately, any legal or illegal strategies weren’t enough for Masvidal to overcome Burns, who now is back on a winning streak thanks to the win.

The loss for Masvidal, 38, was his fourth straight and will be his last. Miami’s finest retired after what was his 52nd career bout (35-17). As he walks off into the sunset, Masvidal just wants to make it clear that he didn’t need any underhanded tactics throughout his 20-year mixed martial arts (MMA) run.

“I’ve never cheated,” Masvidal said. “The referee was there, touching me constantly and breaking us up and moving us around. You’re telling me he couldn’t tell if I had grease? Ain’t no difference between that and sweating, so it’s whatever, bro.

“I’ve never cheated. I’m not about to cheat. I’ve never even had a point taken away from me in my 50-something pro fights. So for this guy to try to slander my name on my last one, whatever, bro.

“It annoys me because I’ve never put grease or Vaseline or anything,” he concluded. “I just go out there and compete, bro. I’ve never done steroids. I’ve never missed weight. So I feel I don’t have to cheat to beat any of these motherf—ker. So, it’s just whatever, bro. Let him throw whatever he feels like out there.”

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