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Jake Paul admits Floyd Mayweather altercation was a PR stunt: ‘We got what we wanted out of it’

Boxing Bullies By Jake Paul Partnered With The Berman Law Group Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Berman Law Group

The fix is officially in on the recent Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather run-in.

Paul and Mayweather both casually attended a Miami Heat National Basketball Association (NBA) basketball game last month (March 9, 2023), enjoying the festivities as one would in such a setting. At the end of the night, however, things got confrontational ... or so that’s how it appeared.

Mayweather and a large group of people around him were seen cornering “The Problem Child” with the cameraman audibly asking if the crew should “rough him up.” The lonesome Paul was seen running from the mob as they neared him, but one month later and the boxing star revealed that he and Mayweather set the whole thing up for attention.

“Yeah, it was [a PR stunt],” Paul said when talking to Wade Plem. “I still have like three or four things to unload on. 25 dudes. Yeah, [it was set up]. [Floyd and I] were like let’s set this up and make this go viral and viral it did. It went on like every single news page and outlet. We got exactly what we wanted out of it. We need people to think it was real. This was us at dinner [shows picture on phone].”

Mayweather has made it no secret that he’s done taking things seriously in the boxing world. The retired undefeated 50-0 legend has committed fully and exclusively to exhibition boxing matches with mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters or names who have no business being in the ring with him (like Jake’s brother Logan).

Paul’s professional boxing career got off to a hot start, winning his first six before recently suffering his first loss opposite Tommy Fury via a split decision in Feb. 2023 (watch highlights). If this whole stunt turns into anything in the ring is anyone’s guess at this point.

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