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Proper GSP? UFC legend Georges St-Pierre launches ‘Pur Sang’ red vodka

Are you intoxicated?

If “notes of turpentine” from Conor McGregor’s awful whiskey make you queasy, or you don’t feel brave enough to try that mealy mezcal Jorge Masvidal makes in his basement, then perhaps Georges St-Pierre’s “Pur Sang” vodka is more your speed.

The former UFC welterweight champion, who also held gold at 185 pounds, is launching his “naturally colored vodka” this week in Canada. A quick Google search tells me “Pur Sang” translates to “pure blood” or “thoroughbred” which may explain the dramatic-looking horse on the bottle.

“It was very important for me that the product was made in Canada, not anywhere else in the world,” St-Pierre told CBC News. “Even though we are going to go worldwide I wanted my product to be authentic as the person I am. When I came out with that product I want it to be premium to make sure everything that I put into my body, and my customers’ bodies is premium ingredients.”

St-Pierre, 41, has not competed since relinquishing his middleweight title back in late 2017 and seems content to focus on his business endeavors away from combat sports. The 26-2 “Rush” is still widely-considered one of the greatest UFC fighters in history.

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