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Daniel Cormier doesn’t think Jon Jones beef is done: ‘He’s not quite ready yet’

The bitter rivals have been feuding for years, and “DC” doesn’t think Jones is quite ready to let go of all their animosity.

Daniel Cormier believes Jon Jones isn’t quite ready to leave their rivalry in the past.

“Bones” made a big deal of complimenting “DC” during the lead up to the Jones vs. Gane fight at UFC 285 last month, giving Cormier permission to call his fight. While Cormier said he didn’t need Jones’ permission, he also said he appreciated the sentiment and was ready to let bygones be bygones.

That didn’t stop Jones from claiming Cormier no-sold his quick submission win over Gane. In a new interview with Henry Cejudo, “DC” analyzed that dig and what it meant.

“When he was finishing Ciryl, his back was to me and my reaction was the same reaction as Rogan,” Cormier said. “But because of our history it’s like, ‘Oh DC is mad,’ and then he says, ‘Dude couldn’t even force a smile.’ That tells you: he’s ready, but he’s not quite ready. So we don’t need to force him. He’s ready, but he’s not quite ready yet.”

There’s definitely enough respect there between the two top athletes when it matters.

“We talked about each other’s families, but in the darkest moments, when his mother passed, when my father passed, he sent me a message,” Cormier said. “He really did. Even in that moment, I appreciated that. For all that we’ve been through, I appreciated him sending that message. Same as I sent a message for his mother because we understand what family is.

“Yeah, he did send me a message when my father passed, and when my mother passed,” Cormier continued. “He did — there’s good in that dude, there really is. There’s good in that dude, I just hadn’t had the opportunity to see it. But, we’ll see what time brings, and if time brings it, we’ll see.”

Cormier insists he never took things too far with Jones.

“We’ve all made mistakes, so for us to cast stones at him? That’s why in those dark moments I was never trying to pile on him,” he said. “I hope he gets better, I hope this works out for him. I never tried to kick him while he was down. I never did that. Now, in fight promotion, what you say is what you say. Especially when you had the history he and I had.

“We had a great rivalry, but that’s to bed now. I’m not a fighter, it’s to bed now,” Cormier added. “I’m not a fighter, and I don’t hold ill will toward him right now.”

But, as far as sitting down with Jones one on one?

“I just don’t feel the need, because what’s the point?”

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