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Conor McGregor clowns ‘braindead’ Justin Gaethje for threatening to quit UFC over ‘Notorious’ title fight

Conor McGregor Visits “Hannity” Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Justin Gaethje has made it very clear that he will “burn it all down” if Conor McGregor waltzes in to yet another UFC title shot, despite having a lightweight record of 1-3 over the last seven years. Now “The Highlight” is upping the ante and threatening to quit the promotion altogether if “Notorious” manages to (eventually) wallop Michael Chandler and capture another crack at the 155-pound crown.

McGregor first has to defeat the plastic cup brigade at USADA.

“Would I quit if Conor won and they gave him a title shot? Probably,” Gaethje told ESPN. “That’s how hurt I would be by the actions of the company that I represent. But that’s out of my control. I just really hope that doesn’t happen. We can imagine a lot of things, but there’s a possibility that’s the scenario, which I would be devastated, for sure.”

Not surprisingly, McGregor was unimpressed by Gaethje’s position.

“This braindead fool got a title shot off of one single win and it was [against] Chandler,” the Irishman tweeted. “Yet he will quit and retire if I get the same thing. Classic Gaethje bird brain. Jackass. Two title attempts, no wins.”

Gaethje has promised to zip his lips if McGregor fights (and defeats) him.

They might not want to admit it, but Gaethje and McGregor have a lot in common. Both fighters were knocked out by Dustin Poirier and submitted by Khabib Nurmagomedov. They’re also both 34 years old and running out of time, at least when it comes to making another run at lightweight gold.

But one thing “The Highlight” doesn’t have is this ... which is usually all that matters in prizefighting.

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