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UFC fighter calls on FBI to investigate ‘dirty’ MMA judge who ‘may be working with the betting company’

There’s a chance Gilbert Burns could go to a decision in his UFC 287 fight against Jorge Masvidal and it sounds like “Durinho” doesn’t want a “dirty” judge to cost him the “W.”

Gilbert Burns is fed up.

The No. 5-ranked welterweight contender wants the FBI to get involved in MMA judging after the wacky scorecards turned in following the UFC San Antonio main event last weekend in Texas. Judge Joel Ojeda scored the final three rounds for Marlon Vera, a stark contrast to the scores turned in by Sal D’Amato and Chris Lee.

UFC President Dana White called the score “pretty scary.”

“I think this judge needs to be investigated,” Burns told TMZ Sports. “We need the FBI on this judge. Because those judges may be working with the betting company, getting a third person to bet. I just think it’s not real, I think those guys are being dirty and maybe try to get money out of this. Chito’s my guy and I want him to win, but there’s no way he won that fight. It’s clear to anyone. What’s wrong with that judge? It’s not the first time. What bothers me is that it doesn’t stop. We have to do something or I dunno, nothing changes.”

Maybe when the feds are done chasing Fedor they can worry about Ojeda.

UFC is no stranger to betting scandals — or FBI involvement. Former UFC fighter James Krause was reportedly in cahoots with an offshore betting company and got ousted after allegations of fight tampering surfaced late last year. That incident led to industry-wide changes, starting in-house with UFC and its athletes.

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