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Disturbing video: Fighter passes out, takes prolonged damage after incompetent referee refuses to stop fight

One of the worst stoppages in recent mixed martial arts (MMA) history occurred tonight (Fri., March 24, 2023) inside Boeing Center at Tech Port in San Antonio, Texas, during Fury FC 76. In the main event, former Dana White Contender Series veteran, Edgar Chairez, took on Gianni Vazquez.

In the fourth round — after a very competitive fight up to that point — Chairez locked up a tight triangle choke, and what followed was very disturbing and horrifying.

Vazquez went unconscious while locked in the triangle choke; however, Texas referee, Frank Collazo, somehow didn’t notice. While still unconscious, Chairez transitioned to an armbar and held it for 20 seconds until Vazquez woke up and tapped.

The victory was huge for Chairez, but it was overshadowed by the incompetency of Collazo, who could have had Vazquez killed.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter went nuts when the clip hit the Internet:

Thankfully, Vazquez appeared alright when he woke up and stood during the decision.

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