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Please watch this amazing trailer for ‘Mojave Diamonds’ starring UFC vets Donald Cerrone, Chael Sonnen, and Rampage Jackson

“This is not Hollywood, like I understood.”

I guess producers liked what they saw from Donald Cerrone in Terror on the Prairie, and perhaps ignored what they saw from Quinton Jackson in Midnight Meat Train. As for Chael Sonnen; well, he already won four Oscars for his many achievements in film.

Just ask him, I’m sure he’ll tell you.

The longtime MMA stars have teamed up with Weston Cage (son of alien jiu jitsu fighter Nicholas Cage and enemy of UFC President Dana White) for “Mojave Diamonds,” a Lionsgate production, coming to DVD and select digital streaming services on May 30.

Media Play News with the synopsis:

Cerrone plays Roy, a fighter who runs afoul of the Vegas mob and must run a $50 million shipment of diamonds to Mexico. He brings his G.l. brother Danny, but the shipment is stolen by a rival gang, and brother Joe’s family is abducted as punishment. Now the three siblings must join forces to penetrate the mob compound and rescue their loved ones — no matter how many lives it costs.

“Nothing comes between blood,” according to the official tagline.

If I was running the UFC Las Vegas mob, I’m not sure I would leave $50 million worth of diamonds in the care of “a vagabond fighting people for scraps,” as the trailer describes Roy, who probably has CTE and a counter stacked with unpaid utility bills.

Cerrone retired from MMA after losing to Jim Miller at UFC 276 last July. As for Jackson and Sonnen, they were last seen under the Bellator MMA banner back in 2019 and actually faced one another at Bellator 192, with Sonnen capturing a unanimous decision win.

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