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Dana White’s Power Slap Finale: Live stream video, results, reactions

The first season of the Dana White’s foray into slap fighting is winding down, and while its plans for a blowout pay-per-view (PPV) fell by the wayside with dwindling TV numbers, the controversial combat sports league still forging ahead with the finale, to be aired free of charge on the alternative social media video site, Rumble. So tonight (Sat., March 11, 2023) live from UFC’s Apex facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, we’ll be bringing you round-by-round, palm-strike by palm-strike coverage of this event.

It all goes down this evening, starting at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT.

Power Slap 1 Finale Quick Results:

225+ lbs. Title: Ron Bata def. Darius Mata-Varona — KO, Rd. 1
205 lbs. Title: Ayjay Hintz def. Vernon Cathey — KO, Rd. 1
185 lbs. Title: Azael Rodriguez def. John Davis — KO, Rd. 1
170 lbs. Title: Christapher Thomas def. Jesus Gaspar Diaz — KO, Rd. 1
225+ lbs. Damien Dibbell def. Duane Crespo — KO, Rd. 2
165 lbs. Waylon Frost def. Michael Smith — Split decision, 30-27, 29-28, 28-29
185 lbs. Wesley Drain def. Emanuel Muniz — Split decision, 29-28x2, 28-29
205 lbs. Russel Rivero def. Isaih Quinones — KO, Rd. 3
225+ lbs. Dorian Perez def. Frank Holland — TKO, Rd. 2
170 lbs. Andrew Probost def. Alex Asbury — KO, Rd. 2
185 lbs. Travis Aragon def. Rese Archer — DQ, Rd. 2
155 lbs. Robert Trujillo def. Jewel Scott — KO, Rd. 2

Power Slap 1 Finale Play-By-Play Updates:

225+ lbs. title match: Darius Mata-Varona vs. Ron Bata

Round 1: D.M.V., otherwise known as “Destroyer” vs “Wolverine” Bata. Mata-Varona up first, Bata takes it. Bata wastes no time on a response. Knocks DMV down. He barely makes the 10-count, but stumbles towards the ref. Redemption for Bata, who was 0-3 against DMV prior to this.

FINAL RESULT: Ron Bata def. Darius Mata-Varona, KO round 1

225+ lbs. contender match: Duane Crespo vs. Damien Dibell

Round 1: Dibell was an assistant coach on the show. Crespo first, big right hand, Dibell doesn’t really move. Dibell responds in kind as does Crespo.

10-9 Crespo.

Round 2: Crespo lunges with his right, again eaten by Dibell. Big return from Dibell and that knocks out Crespo.

FINAL RESULT: Damien Dibell def. Duane Crespo, KO round 2

205 lbs. title match: Ayjay Hintz vs. Vernon Cathey

Round 1: The announcer said Hintz weighed 264, not 204, but regardless. Big right hand knocks Hintz down. He’s wobbled, but stands up. Hintz returns fire and that’s the knockout.

FINAL RESULT: Ayjay Hintz def. Vernon Cathey, KO round 1

185 lbs. title match: Azael Rodriguez vs. John Davis

Round 1: Rodriguez up first and lands his right which doesn’t faze Davis. Return right hand knocks Rodriguez down, and the ref calls it.

FINAL RESULT: John Davis def. Azael Rodriguez, KO round 1

170 lbs. title match: Christapher Thomas vs. Jesus Gaspar Diaz

Round 1: Thomas up first, and one right palm later, Diaz is down first. That was quick.

FINAL RESULT: Christapher Thomas def. Jesus Gaspar Diaz, KO round 1

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