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Denied! Hasbulla refuses to slap Mark Wahlberg, sends Hollywood star to ‘Liver King’ Hall of Shame (Video)

Hasbulla is known for punching and smacking unsuspecting members of the mixed martial arts (MMA) community, but the Russian social media sensation refused to strike actor Mark Wahlberg during a recent meetup at Dana White’s “Power Slap” league.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) signed Hasbulla to an exclusive five-year deal late last year that has left him in the MMA spotlight more so than ever before. This includes an official UFC collections line and multiple appearances at a variety of UFC events. Hasbulla even helped corner Islam Makhachev at UFC 280 last year.

Earlier this week, Hasbulla was in attendance for the final episode of “Power Slap” in Las Vegas. Wahlberg was also on stage for the event and eventually came face-to-face with Hasbulla. Usually the Russian social media star would smack or punch a fighter in the face for a memorable video clip, but this time around Hasbulla held his punches back.

Guess Wahlberg can be added to the “Liver King” Hall of Shame.

Despite Hasbulla’s reluctance to squabble with Marky Mark, it’s probably the best moment to hit the “Power Slap” stage all season. The professional power slapping league has been a ratings disaster since its debut this past January, but White would lead you to believe it’s an unstoppable monster of epic proportion. will deliver LIVE play-by-play coverage of the first-ever “Power Slap” event right HERE this Saturday night from Las Vegas. Headlining the main card will be a clash of Power Slap: “Road to the Title” coaches, “Darius The Destroyer” and “Wolverine.”

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