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Bellator 292: Michael Page admits he’s not on Goiti Yamauchi’s jiu-jitsu level, so he’ll just knock him out

Michael Page came close to winning Bellator gold for the first time at Bellator 281, but ultimately came up short against Logan Storley to claim the interim strap. Now, "Venom" feels he is one more win away from getting another shot, this time for the undisputed strap which is currently held by Yaroslav Amosov.

During a recent media day to promote his upcoming Welterweight collision against Goiti Yamauchi at Bellator 292 -- which is set to go down later tonight -- "Venom" said it's a no-brainer that the winner get a title shot.

“I think that’s what it is,” Page said (via MMA Junkie). “It just makes the most sense that that’s what it is. I don’t see anybody else ready to be in our position. I think the winner of this fight fights the winner of the next title fight, which is most likely going to be Jason Jackson.

Amosov recently returned to action after a year off to fight for his country of Ukraine in the war against Russia, defeating the aforementioned Storley a Bellator Dublin to unify the 170-pound titles. And while it’s not yet official, Jason Jackson could be getting the next shot at the belt.

For Page, getting a knockout is always priority number one. While Yamauchi has a kickboxing background, most of his wins have come by way of submission. But “Venom” isn’t underestimating Yamauchi’s striking, he just knows he is not on his level.

“I personally believe it’s as simple as, yeah, I want him in my arena and he wants me in his arena,” Page said. “A comment has been made, supposedly from him, where he says, ‘”MVP” is underestimating my striking.’ I’m not underestimating your striking. I just don’t believe your level of striking is my level,” he added before saying he knows his own submission game is not on par with Yamauchi’s.

“And if you want to play striking, I’m happy to do that all day. I think that’s where egos get in the way sometimes, and I don’t think that’s necessary. I value you and I appreciate you and I aspire to get to your level of jiu-jitsu, but I’m not going to try and compete against you just for the sake of showing that I can do jiu-jitsu. I know I can do jiu-jitsu.

“I don’t need to prove to anybody that I can do jiu-jitsu. I’m just not your level. I haven’t done it as long as you, and I’m not as skilled as you and I can accept it, put my ego to one side and then just try to knock you out, because that’s what I do best.”

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