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Embarrassed UFC fans lament Tyron Woodley’s ‘pathetic’ attempts to fight disinterested KSI

He’s just not that into you.

Tyron Woodley really wants to box YouTube sensation KSI.

Unfortunately for the former UFC welterweight champion, the feeling is not mutual. In fact, the 29 year-old content creator has already gone on record multiple times to reject a potential boxing match against the not-”Chosen One” until Woodley first proves he can win a fight in the “sweet science.”

That hasn’t stopped Woodley from continuing his social media callouts.

“If KSI would ever be a man and a man of his word,” Woodley wrote on Twitter. “He in his lane. I said my piece and agreed to the terms. What God has for me is for me! He asked me to fight. Not chasing a grown man down. That’s borderline bullying.”

Getting rejected by a YouTube boxer who was willing to fight Dillon Danis is a bad look.

Not surprisingly, UFC fans are embarrassed by the latest exchange.

You’re begging a YouTuber, it’s embarrassing.

This is sad that your legacy has come to begging YouTubers for boxing matches.

“This is my last time speaking on it” — you said that weeks ago yet are still going on about it. This is beyond pathetic at this point.

Stop embarrassing yourself.

This is sad to see, once on of the best fighters on the planet now begs YouTubers for fights.

You broke again?

You are chasing for a YouTuber to fight. Common T-Wood you are better than this.

Woodley, 40, parted ways with UFC after four straight defeats then suffered back-to-back losses to Jake Paul in his first two boxing fights, the second of which ended by way of thunderous knockout. Not sure if that was enough to put Woodley back on the clearance rack, but it certainly didn’t help his chances to land a potential KSI fight.

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