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Controversy! Robbery? Official scorecards for Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury revealed | Pic

Take a look at how the three ringside WBC judges scored Paul vs. Fury round-by-round last night in Saudi Arabia.

Twitter - WBC

Tommy Fury took the fight to Jake Paul in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, last night (Sun., Feb. 26, 2023), earning a split decision win over “The Problem Child.” Two judges scored the fight 76-73 for Fury, while the dissenting judge saw it 75-74 in favor of Paul (watch highlights here).

Now we have the official scorecard, so we can see exactly how they called things round-by-round.

First, let’s identify the judges: Omar Mintun and Daniel Van de Wiele were the two who gave the fight to Fury. It was Mike Ross who saw it for Paul. On the official World Boxing Council (WBC) scorecards, Van de Wiele is green, Mintun is yellow and Ross is pink.

Both Van de Wiele and Mintun saw the fight the same: out of the eight rounds, they only gave Paul rounds three and eight (which was a 10-8 for Paul because of a knockdown). Ross awarded Paul rounds two, three, five and eight.

According to the Compubox stats from the fight, Fury hit Paul almost twice as much over eight rounds. There wasn’t a single round where Fury hit Paul less than Paul hit Fury. The fourth round was the biggest blowout for Fury: he hit Paul 13 times, while Paul only managed to land two strikes. But, sometimes the raw numbers don’t tell the whole story: in the eighth frame, Paul knocked down Fury for a 10-8 round despite only landing three punches.

Also represented on the official scorecard: the two point deductions referee Hector Afu applied during the bout. In round five, Afu deducted one point from Paul for punching to the back of the head during a clinch. In round six, Afu evened things out by deducting one point from Fury for holding. Neither foul was particularly apparent as we watched the fight, and no replays justifying the fouls have surfaced on the Internet.

At least the questionable point deductions were evened out before things went to the scorecards. What do you think of the judging for Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul, Maniacs? Anything surprising? Let us know in the comments.

For complete “Paul vs. Fury” pay-per-view (PPV) results and play-by-play click HERE.

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