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Highlights! Tommy Fury outboxes Jake Paul to win split decision

Jake Paul just couldn’t keep up with Tommy Fury’s pace or movement as the lanky Brit showed ‘The Problem Child’ what a proper boxer can do in the ring.

Jake Paul v Tommy Fury Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

Jake Paul’s 0 had to go on Sunday in Saudi Arabia as Tommy Fury stepped his game up to defeat the YouTuber turned boxer in a split decision win.

The judges scored the fight 75-74 Paul and 76-73x2 for Fury, which saw Paul knock down Fury in the eighth and final round of the fight. It wasn’t enough to swing the scorecards his way, though, as Fury kept a faster pace with higher volume across the majority of the fight.

Tommy Fury used his immense length to jab away at Paul early in the fight. Paul had a hard time dealing with the distance, throwing lots of right hands but missing almost all of them. We had Fury taking the first two rounds while Paul took the third. After Logan Paul taunted Tommy Fury from ringside, the British boxer seemed to slip into another gear and took the fight to Jake even harder. Halfway through the fight it was becoming clear that Fury had the cleaner shots, and better cardio.

The referee played a bigger part in the bout than many probably hoped for. The two relatively inexperienced boxers clinched extensively across the whole fight, drawing angry remarks from the referee. Paul had a point deducted in the fifth for a punch to the back of the head, and Fury had one in the sixth for ... well, we’re still not a hundred percent sure what.

In the end, those deductions wouldn’t affect the outcome of the fight. Tommy Fury rightfully won, and now Jake Paul will have to figure out what to do after losing to an opponent he said had no business being in the ring with him.

Let’s check out the highlights! The walkouts and introductions:

The fight itself:

The knockdown:

The knockdown was a moral victory for Jake Paul, as well as the gift of a split decision. But we stick to our view: Tommy Fury clearly outboxed Jake Paul. Where “The Problem Child” goes from here should be very interesting to see.

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