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‘This ref ain’t it!’ UFC fighters react to clinch-heavy Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury decision in Saudi Arabia

Jake Paul v Tommy Fury Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

If there’s one thing UFC and boxing fans are familiar with, it’s questionable officiating. Both combat sports have their fair share of reffing and judging controversies. So when the referee for the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight in Saudi Arabia starting taking points all willy nilly, you better believe the UFC fighters watching started getting upset.

Yes, that’s right: despite there being no elderly mixed martial arts statesman in the ring across from Jake Paul, many UFC fighters and fans still tuned in to watch Paul vs. Fury go down. And while there was a lot of clinching, and a lot of iffy ref work, the fight was relatively entertaining considering the number of fights both men had.

In the end, it was Tommy Fury who had his hand raised in a split decision win. The judges had it 75-74 Paul, 76-73 Fury, and 76-73 Fury. We’re not too sure what that one judge who scored it for Paul was watching. From our watching, Fury clearly won the fight with a higher output of accurate punches. Tyson Fury’s little brother was just too long and moved too well for Paul to hit him consistently, and he edged out multiple rounds en route to a solid win.

Jake Paul had his moments as well, particularly a knockdown in the eighth round which I’m sure will be used to justify a rematch soon. A lot of fighters are talking about the referee changing the course of the fight too. Maybe that’ll be the official reason. And with that, let’s take a look at what the athletes on the UFC roster had to say about the bout.

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