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Midnight Mania! Austin Trout refutes Diego Sanchez’s greasing claims: ‘I didn’t cheat’

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Leo Santa Cruz v Abner Mares Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

On first glance, Austin Trout vs. Diego Sanchez seemed like a cut-and-dry affair. Sanchez’s best years are behind him, and he’s never been much of a striker anyway, so it wasn’t a real surprise when a former boxing champion picked him apart and destroyed his face. The MMA community wasn’t at all impressed with the matchmaking, largely because it was such an obvious outcome.

Since then, the waters have muddied. Sanchez has accused Trout of greasing, and he’s shared some pretty damning videos that appear to show Trout’s team rubbing vaseline all over his shoulders and neck. As a result, Sanchez is filing a formal complaint and looking to get the loss overturned.

Finally, Trout has responded. According to the boxer, he and has team have done nothing wrong, and Sanchez didn’t believe there was any greasing involved until the viral video convinced him otherwise.

“Cap, super cap,” Trout told MMA Junkie Radio. “… To say that I cheated is bogus. I didn’t cheat. There’s no clear lines that talk about Vaseline. We didn’t do anything in the box away from anyone, and we didn’t come out trying to hide anything. Everything was done right there in front of everyone.

“If anyone had a problem with it, they should’ve talked about it then. After the fight, Diego, I was right there with him. You know the reason he said why he couldn’t clinch? Out of his own mouth before he saw a video that suggested I was cheating. It wasn’t his idea. It was a video that gave him this idea that I was cheating, which I was very aggravated about.

“He said the reason why he couldn’t clinch was because of the speed and the foot work. That was the reason why he couldn’t clinch.”



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Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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