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Bellator Dublin results: Live streaming play-by-play updates | Amosov vs. Storley 2

Bellator Dublin is set to go down TODAY (Sat., Feb. 25, 2023) inside 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland, featuring a Welterweight title unification fight between division champion, Yaroslav Amosov — who returns to action after fighting for his country of Ukraine in the war against Russia — taking on and interim title holder, Logan Storley. In the co-main event, Featherweight contenders Jeremy Kennedy and Pedro Carvalho will collide in a pivotal showdown.

Many readers check in before, during, and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action, which will begin at 11:25 a.m. ET with YouTube “Prelims” (watch them here) and then transition to CBS at 4 p.m. ET for main card action. Feel free to leave a comment (or several) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show — it’s always a lot of fun!


170 lbs.: Champion Yaroslav Amosov vs. interim champion Logan Storley - Amosov via unanimous decision (HIGHLIGHTS!)
145 lbs.: Pedro Carvalho vs. Jeremy Kennedy - Kennedy via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Peter Queally vs. Bryce Logan - Logan via second-round technical knockout (TKO)
145 lbs.: Sinead Kavanagh vs. Janay Harding - Kavanagh via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Ciaran Clarke vs. Leonardo Sinis - Clarke via unanimous decision
205 lbs.: Karl Moore vs. Maciej Rozanski - Moore via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Charlie Ward vs. Michael Shipman - Shipman via unanimous decision
265 lbs.: Gokhan Saricam vs. Oleg Popov - Popov via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Norbert Novenyi Jr. vs. Andy Manzolo - Novenyi Jr. via first-round technical knockout (TKO)
135 lbs.: Brian Moore vs. Luca Lovine - Moore via split-decision
145 lbs.: Richie Smullen vs. Piotr Niedzielski - Smullen via split-decision
145 lbs.: Darragh Kelly vs. Dorval Jordan - Kelly via third-round technical knockout (TKO)
145 lbs.: Asael Adjoudj vs. Liam McCracken - Adjoudj via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Khasan Magomedsharipov vs. Rafael Hudson - Magomedsharipov via first-round technical knockout (TKO)
125 lbs.: Elina Kallionidou vs. Jena Bishop - Bishop via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Kenny Mokhonoana vs. Craig Mcintosh - Mokhonoana via first-round technical knockout (TKO)
170 lbs.: Daniele Scatizzi vs Dmytrii Hrytsenko - Hrytsenko via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Steven Hill vs. Joel Koudja - Hill via second-round submission (rear-naked choke)


170 lbs.: Champion Yaroslav Amosov vs. interim champion Logan Storley

Round 1: Storley comes in with a three-punch combination. Storley shoots for a takedown, stuff. Nice jab from Storley. A nice combo lands for Amosov, who is very light on his feet. He lands a big right hand and Storley is rocked. Amosov attacks but Storley has shake off the cobwebs. Thunderous low kick lands for Amosov. Storley is bleeding for ma cut under his right eye. Amosov lands another right hand and he is getting all the exchanges going his way. Amosov swarms and lands a flurry of strikes. Storley has no answer for Amosov’s pace early on, who is seemingly landing everything he throws. Storley now becomes the aggressor. A left hand stuns Storley, stops him in his tracks. They exchange flurries in the center of the cage. Great opening round. 10-9 Amosov

Round 2: Storley lands a low kick to the lead leg. Storley shoots for the takedown and Amosov stuffs it. Amosov is working the kicks to the body now. Double jabs from Amosov, and he lands a kick to the head. Storley staying in the pocket, however, and lands a nice counter left hand. Amosov throws another five-punch combo, putting out great volume. Amosov lands another kick to the head. Storley shoots for the takedown and AMosov stuffs it. He clips Storley on the way up with a huge right hand. Amosov is neutralizing Storley’s wrestling. Calf kick lands for Amosov, and another. Make that three in a row and Storley is in pain. Three-punch combo lands for Amosov, tops it off with a head kick. Storley switches stances, feeling the effects of the kicks now. Amosov now shoots for a takedown, pushed Storley up against the fence. 10-9 Amosov

Round 3: Amosov opens up with another low kick, then a big shot to the body. Kick to the body lands for Amosov and Storley tries to fire a left hand in return. He eats a left jab for his troubles. Another kick to the body lands for Amosov and then clips Storley with a huge left hook. Amosov shoots in for the takedown and he pushes Storley up against the cage. Another huge kick to the body lands for Amosov. Storley is still staying in the pocket and then Amasov puts on the boosters and fires off a five-punch combination. He shoots for a takedown and he takes Storley down. Storley manages to get back to his feet but Amosov feeds him a nice kick for his troubles. Uppercut sneaks through for Amosov, who then fires off another high kick. 10-9 Amosov

Round 4: Push kick to start things off for Amosov. Logan is backpedaling and Amosov is not letting the foot off the gas pedal one bit. Amosov lands a solid two-punch combo. Storley shoots in for another takedown and it is stuffed. Give credit to Storley, he is still hanging in despite taking a beating. Amosov fakes a takedown. Storley’s cut is now leaking a lot of blood. Storley goes in for the single leg and it’s stuffed. Amosov lands another three-punch combo and Storley is now on the retreat. Amosov lands another right hand, then a kick to the body. Amosov throws an upward elbow, misses everything. Storley with a high kick, not much behind it. 10-9 Amosov

Round 5: Storley shoots in for another takedown and once again it is stuffed. Amosov fakes a takedown and lands a right hand. Amosov looks fresh as he stuffs another takedown attempt. Storley shoots in for another takedown and there is nothing there. Amosov lands a two-punch combination as Storley gets back to his feet. Amosov looks like he can go another 25 minutes. Storley is now trying to put on the pressure as he throws a looping left hand. Amosov with a kick to the body, then a left hand. Another left gets through and Amosov is once again trying to put the fight away. Storley changes levels and goes for another takedown. High kick lands for Amosov and lands a takedown as times runs out. What a performance from Amosov after 20 months away from the cage. 10-9 Amosov

Final Result: Amosov def. Storley via unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Pedro Carvalho vs. Jeremy Kennedy

Round 1: Kennedy shoots in for the takedown. Stuffed. They trade jabs in the center of the cage, Low kick lands for Carvalho. Carvalho with a kick to the body and Kennedy catches it, picks him up, scoots him up against the cage by Carvalho has a guillotine in. They drop to the floor and Carvalho still has the choke in. Kennedy escapes and now takes Carvalho’s back. In side guard now for Kennedy. Kennedy starts raining down some shots and Carvalho is in a bad position here. Kennedy trying to mount, Carvalho trying to escape. Shots to the side of the head for Kennedy, still trying to mount, Carvalho can’t escape and Kennedy takes his back. Carvalho works his way back to his feet but Kennedy isn’t letting go of him. Kennedy drags Carvalho back to the ground and he takes this round easy. 10-9 Kennedy

Round 2: Kick to the body lands for Carvalho. Kennedy shoots again. Takedown stuffed but Carvalho is now up against the cage again. Kennedy working the body and he eventually slams him to the ground. Kennedy takes the back and is looking for a rear-naked choke. He has a tight body triangle in, so Carvalho isn’t going anywhere. Kennedy working hard for the choke, while Carvalho trying to escape. Carvalho is slowly peeling away. A lot of hand fighting going on. Carvalho manages to escape but Kennedy isn’t letting him all the way up. Kennedy once again takes his back. They get back to the feet but Kennedy manages to take him down. Carvalho was briefly looking for a guillotine but nothing there. Kennedy keeps grinding away and wins the second round easily. 10-9 Kennedy

Round 3: Low kick to open things up for Carvalho. Kennedy eats a jab and Carvalho now pushes him up against the fence. Foot stomps from Carvalho, who needs a finish since he is down 2-0. Carvalho is eying a takedown but Kennedy with the good defense. Carvalho takes his back and drives the knees to the thighs. Kennedy drags Carvalho down again. Rinse and repeat. He takes his back and is once again on the hunt for the rear-naked choke. Kennedy scoring points with the shots to the side of the head. Carvalho has no answer for this, just a dominant performance from Kennedy. Carvalho is trying to escape, but Kennedy’s body lock is too tight. The ref is keeping a close eye, contemplating a standup. Kennedy is starting to look for the rear-naked choke again. Carvalho defend the best he can. A dominant performance from Kennedy, who may have very well earned a shot at the 145-pound title with that win. 10-9 Kennedy

Final Result: Kennedy def. Carvalho via unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Peter Queally vs. Bryce Logan

Round 1: Queally comes quickly to the center of the cage. Low kick from Queally. Nice combination lands for Queally. Logan patiently waiting for an opening. Solid low kick lands for Logan. Queally is still coming forward. Logan lands a right to the chin of Queally. Superman punch from Queally. You don’t see that strike as much anymore. Uppercut sneaks through for Queally. Kick to the lead leg from Logan. Queally is still pushing the pace, while Logan is on his heels. A two-punch combination lands for Logan and Queally returns fire. Right hand lands for Queally while the hometown crowd sings “Zombie.” Logan with a kick to the body, sends Queally back momentarily. Queally attempts a flying knee as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Queally

Round 2: Queally comes out aggressive once again and Logan has some swelling under his right eye. Kick to the shin lands for Logan. Queally opens up with two straight jabs, sends Logan back momentarily. Queally gets through and stuns Logan, but Logan recovers quickly and lands a takedown. Queally manages to pop up rather quickly and Logan goes in for another single leg. Queally defending well so far against the cage. Logan working the body with massive shots and he lands a huge elbow that drops Queally. It came out of nowhere and now Logan is pouncing and attacking, Queally is covering up and the referee has no choice but to put an end to the fight. WOW, what a turn of events.

Final Result: Logan def. Queally via second-round technical knockout (TKO)

145 lbs.: Sinead Kavanagh vs. Janay Harding

Round 1: The trade jabs to start things off. Harding with a high kick, barely misses. Kavanagh sneaks in a sold right hand. Harding with a left hand, doing a lot of fainting, though. Kavanagh playing it very patient, waiting for an opening. Solid 1-2 from Kavanagh. Low kick from Harding, right hand in return from Kavanagh. Another 1-2 lands for Kavanagh. Harding tries to open up Kavanagh’s defense with a double jab. Kavanagh with a hard right hand that finds its target. Three-punch combo finds nothing but chest for Kavanagh. Nice shot to the liver from Kavanagh, well-timed. Kick to the body from Harding lands. They exchange strikes in the center of the cage and both of them land. Another 1-2 lands for Kavanagh. Push kick from Harding sends Kavanagh flying to the cage to end the round. What a close round. 10-9 Kavanagh

Round 2: Kavanagh with a solid right hand, and then another than whips Harding’s head back. Kick to the body from Harding. Double jab from Harding. Kavanagh lands a solid right hand and it hurts Harding. Kavanagh on the attack. She smells blood. Harding seems to have recovered but Kavanagh is still stalking. Kavanagh with a nice shot to the body and she follows it upstairs. Another left hand finds its target. Kavanagh is looking very polished here with her striking. Counter-right hand for Harding, and she follows it up with a front kick before she is stopped in her tracks with a solid jab. Harding stumbles to the ground after she blocks a right hand, but she manages to get back up before Kavanagh can pounce. Nice low kick lands for Harding to close the round. 10-9 Kavanagh

Round 3: They meet in the center of the cage, a lot of fainting again from Harding. Low kick attempt, not much behind it. The pace has slowed in the third and final round. Kavanagh going back to the well, landing her 1-2 combinations. Two straight low kicks land for Harding. Harding is doing the stalking, but hasn’t landed much. Kavanagh has slowed a little with the offensive output that worked well in the first two rounds. Nice right hand lands for Kavanagh and spins Harding completely around. They are big shots, but Kavanagh’s strikes are landing and hurting Harding. Nice overhand right sneaks in for Kavanagh as she looks toward the clock. Harding working her kicks to the body now, then a high kick, Kick to the chest lands for Harding. Low kick lands for Harding to the lead leg. That one hurt Kavanagh. Nice jab from Kavanagh, who has really slowed down. Kavanagh catches Harding’s kick to the body and drags her down to the mat as Harding bounces back up. 10-9 Kavanagh

Final Result: Kavanagh def. Harding via unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Ciaran Clarke vs. Leonardo Sinis

Round 1: Sinis opens up with a double jab. Clarke changes levels and gets an early double-leg takedown. Clarke working the body, Sinis returning fire. Hand fighting for position, Clarke posturing up. Sinis with an elbow to the forehead from bottom position. Clarke relentless with his work from the top position. Clarke mounts and he starts raining down some ground-and-pound. Some hard shots are landing. One minute remaining. Clark is piling on the punishment, The Referee is keeping a close eye on the action with 30 seconds remaining. Hard shots and Clarke is now looking for a rear-naked choke. It looks like Sinis will survive to fight another round. Impressive opening round from Clarke. 10-9 Clarke

Round 2: They exchange rights to open up the round and Clarke once against scored another early takedown. Now working from top position, landing huge shots to the rib cage, he is going to feel those in the morning. Head, body, heady, body, Clarke mixing it up well. Clarke is working, no need for the ref to stand them up, so it’s been a fight on the ground through eight minutes. Sinis is trying hard to escape by Clarke has his arm trapped while he is raining down bombs. Side control now for Clarke, trying to mount. Sinis is like a fish out of water here, no answer. Clark’s work from top position is impressive, no wasted shots. Sinis trying to push away from the cage but Clarke is too heavy for him. 10-9 Clarke

Round 3: Sinis lands a solid left hand. A clash of heads, fight keeps going. Clarke shoots for another takedown and he gets it rather effortlessly. Clarke now in full guard, which is not good for Sinis. Sinis tries to pop off some offense from the bottom position, but not doing much damage. Clarke is cut, not sure from where but there is blood on Sinis’s forearm. Nice right hand lands for Clarke. Clarke postures all the way up and throws down a huge hammer fist. Clarke is now covering Sini’s mouth, making it hard for him to breathe. Sinis tries to buck off his opponent, but no go. Some fans might be getting restless, but Clarke is working and the ref has not come close to standing them up. Clarke moving well every time Sinis is close to escaping. Clarke ends the fight with some ground-and-pound and will be improving to 7-0 with this performance. Clarke 10-9 Clark

Final Result: Clarke def. Sinis via unanimous decision

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