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‘Sad news’ — Internet erupts after Gordon Ryan withdraws from WNO super fight against Felipe Pena

Nick Rodriguez, no shortage to late replacement showdowns, will step in for Ryan.

The stomach problems that nearly forced submission specialist Gordon Ryan into early retirement have resurfaced at the worst time possible: just days ahead of his grappling super fight against longtime rival Felipe Pena for Tezos WNO, scheduled for this Sat. (Feb. 25) at The Hangar in Costa Mesa.

Coach John Danaher announced the “sad news” on Instagram.

“Sad news: Gordon Ryan will have to pull out of the WNO grappling super fight with Felipe Pena scheduled for this weekend in Costa Mesa,” Danaher wrote. “Mr. Ryan was afflicted with severe stomach issues that resulted in a severe and quick weight loss [and] dehydration along with severe nausea and associated symptoms. He tried hard to shrug it off and bulldoze through it but to no avail. Even very mild workouts left him totally exhausted and physically debilitated. It was a tough call as both athletes had invested a lot in preparation for this match and expectations were high, but I believe it is the correct call. This match deserves both athletes in peak physical condition.”

So why are fans blaming former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub?

Because “Big Brown” recently had Ryan as a special guest on his Food Truck Diaries YouTube show, where the pair scarfed down greasy cheeseburgers and soggy French fries. Probably not the best combination for a combatant with stomach problems currently in camp for one of the most dangerous opponents in the game.

Some fans took it one step further.

“He’s doing it to himself,” one follower wrote. “Steroids destroy your gut health, even folks just trying to get off TRT deal with gut health issues and sickness. Now imagine what he’s taking/dealing with.”

You can read all the incendiary reactions at Danaher’s post right here.

Ryan and Pena have battled three times over the years, with Pena holding a 2-1 lead. Their most recent showdown occurred at “Who’s Number One” back in Aug. 2022 in Frisco, Texas, with Ryan winning by technical submission (forfeit). No word yet on if or when this grappling super fight will be rescheduled.

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