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Midnight Mania! Power Slap loses time slot, prompting fan speculation and celebration: ‘The end of Power Slap?’

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Dana White’s Contender Series - Campbell v Duncan Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

UFC President Dana White thought he had a home run on his hands, pulling strings to get slap fighting legalized in Las Vegas, Nevada and putting together a company fairly quickly. From the beginning, however, the community reaction to Power Slap has never been great. It’s been criticized on grounds of safety and stupidity, and the ratings have consistently reflected as much. Outside of a strong week two performance, ratings have continually dropped.

Currently, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Dynamite serves as the lead up to Power Slap on TBS. Per SportsKeeda, that’s scheduled to change sometime next month. Instead of leading into Power Slap, AEW Dynamite will be followed by AEW All Access.

Power Slap losing its time slot amidst declining ratings cannot be considered a good sign. Though I wouldn’t consider it definite, UFC and AEW fans alike are celebrating what they view as “the end of Power Slap.”

Here’s a sample of the reactions:

i’m just happy that we won’t need to deal with stupid Power Slap commercials anymore #AEWDynamite #UFC

Powerslap is canceled. WE WON! AEW: All Access will debut right after Dynamite in March.

Powerslap being replaced by Aew all access show is great. WB found that fraud Dana and that terrible show didn’t bring in viewers. Could’ve been an ROH show but at long as powerslap is gone I’m fine.

Doesn’t this AEW announcement mean the end of Power Slap? I’m not sure how American broadcasting schedules work lol”

So Tony Khan’s big #AEW announcement is that #PowerSlap lost its tv timeslot - I don’t know about you folks but that’s good enough for me.

AEW All Access is just another way of saying Power Slap got cancelled. Those guys got slapped for early CTE for nothing #AEWDynamite

To reiterate, there is no direct confirmation that Power Slap isn’t simply moving time slots or taking a break of some kind. Fans are ready to celebrate its demise, however, and the sport as a whole is generating far more controversy and negativity than anything else.


Abdul Razak Alhassan can always be counted on to deliver a fun scrap.

Sean Strickland and Chris Curtis is quite the bromance.

Nope, this is 100% real.

Joseph Benavidez is the best scrambler in MMA history. Am I highly biased? Yes. Am I correct? Also yes.

Cory Sandhagen continues to be the UFC’s best content creator.

It’s pretty rad to watch a high-level kickboxer when they’re flowing! Gaston Bolanos will make his UFC debut on April 15 against Aaron Phillips.

Jake Paul is promising domination this weekend.

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Last night, we saw Patrick Smith shock the world with an upset of Andy Hug. Now, watch “The Blue-Eyed Samurai” take his revenge!

John Dodson’s fast hands are even nastier sans-gloves.

A nasty question mark kick brings an end to a fun scrap:

Random Land

Introducing the coati, an animal I have never previously seen.

Midnight Music: Pop, 1984

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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