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Video: Dustin Poirier slaps man at Mardi Gras parade over ‘Your wife’s in my DMs’ sign

Don’t try to joke around with Dustin Poirier by bringing up Conor McGregor’s tasteless jokes about ‘The Diamond’s’ wife ... unless you want to get slapped.

UFC 281: Adesanya v Pereira Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

Don’t try to pull some Conor McGregor-grade antics around UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier ... unless you want to get slapped.

That’s what some pranksters learned to their detriment during the Youngsville Mardi Gras parade over the weekend. One of them had the bright idea of making a sign that read “Hey Dustin, your wife’s in my DMs” to flash at the MMA fighter as he drove by.

“The Diamond” did not take kindly to the message.

In a video posted to TikTok, Poirier held out his hand as if to give the man a high five, pulled it back to draw him in, and then slapped him in the face. It wasn’t a Dana White’s Power Slap League level slap, but the message was sent: don’t be going around disrespecting Poirier’s wife.

“Your wife is in my DMs” became something of a meme after Conor McGregor screamed it at Poirier after his third loss to the Louisiana native. In the lead-up to their trilogy fight, McGregor had repeatedly implied that Poirier’s wife had some sort of thing for him and was messaging him.

The DM line didn’t carry much weight because Conor was laying on the canvas with a brutally broken leg at the time. Poirier would walk away from UFC 264 with the win and the 2-1 series victory. But now he still has to deal with random McGregor fans bringing his family into things.

And clearly, he’s not cool with it.

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