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Beneil Dariush not concerned by any Islam Makhachev cheating accusations: ‘I don’t think they test in Dagestan’

UFC 280: Dariush v Gamrot Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Beneil Dariush isn’t up in arms about Islam Makhachev and Intravenous therapy (I.V.) gate.

Dan Hooker’s post-UFC 284 claims of Lightweight champion, Makhachev, cheating with an I.V. after weigh-ins to rehydrate has snowballed into arguably the biggest story to come out of this past weekend’s (Feb. 11, 2023) champion versus champion duel. Speculation has run rampant on what exactly qualifies and doesn’t qualify under the legal usage of an I.V. when it comes to United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) as well as the Australia athletic commission.

Whether there was or wasn’t foul play from team Makhachev, possible future title challenger, Dariush, isn’t bothered by any forbidden tactics.

“I could care less,” Dariush told Submission Radio. “He could take whatever he wants, it ain’t gonna make a difference. I don’t even think they test them in Dagestan. I’m pretty sure it’s very difficult to get into Dagestan. Bro, I don’t care. Take whatever you want, do whatever you want, just show up fight day and let’s see how this fight goes.”

While Dariush, 33, is currently in the middle of sorting out a bout with the former champion, Charles Oliveira, for May 2023, he hopes it doesn’t come together so he can fight for the title sooner rather than later. Unfortunately for “Benny,” the close nature of Makhachev’s unanimous decision victory (watch highlights) over Featherweight kingpin, Alexander Volkanovski, may snub him regardless.

“I think if the fight happens again, I would need some time to think about it,” Dariush said. “You could go either way again, Let’s just pick Volk this time just to be different.

“I hope that doesn’t happen, man,” he concluded. “I’m gonna fight for this title when I’m 40 at this rate.”

Dariush last fought, scoring an impressive unanimous decision win against Mateusz Gamrot at UFC 280 in Oct. 2022.

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