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BKFC ‘bringing in some former WWE pro wrestlers’ to help turn fighters into superstars

BKFC is selling some solid fights with former UFC stars, but could use a little help building up their home-grown stable of talent.


BKFC 56 went down on Saturday night (Dec. 2, 2023) inside Maverick Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, featuring a main event between two former all-action Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters: “Platinum” Mike Perry and Eddie Alvarez. Perry survived an early onslaught from Alvarez to break Eddie’s orbital bone at the end of the second stanza (watch highlights here).

Further down the card, Bec Rawlings lost a one-sided decision, while Jeremy Stephens put a beating on Jimmie Rivera. There was a lot more action from the event, but too few fans are paying attention.

Indeed, BKFC has had a hard time developing stars outside of those it has poached from UFC near the end of their careers. It’s gotten to the point where Bare Knuckle FC President, David Feldman, revealed he’s going to bring in some help from former WWE professional wrestlers to change some of the no-names on his roster to stars.

“I had a long talk with [BKFC middleweight champion] Dave Mundell,” Feldman said during BKFC 56’s post-fight press conference. “And we’re gonna start doing some things with Dave Mundell and we’re gonna start creating a real good character with him and taking him out of his shell.

“People don’t know — as good as he fights, as tough as he is, and he’s knocking people out — he’s a really shy guy, and we got to take that out and make him a little bit of a character,” Feldman continued. “So, people want to see him more and we’re gonna do that, we’re going to do that with a lot of fighters.

“We’re bringing in some former WWE pro wrestlers in here just to do character development because I think the only thing we’re missing right now is a little bit of that,” he continued. “And we’re going to do that, we’re focusing on that in 2024. We’re focusing on that, we’re focusing on the reality show, we’re focusing on a series we’re doing around the tryouts and prospect series for 2024. We’ve got a lot of really good fighter development things going on in 2024.”

BKFC draws some real crazy characters and it would be cool to see some of them get a shine. One dude who stood out to us on Saturday was Esteban “Mohawk” Rodriguez, who finished his opponent halfway through round two. The guy looks like he stepped right out of Double Dragon or something:

In a world full of promotions dreaming to run alongside UFC, BKFC sounds like it is starting to realize it needs to position its image with a little more pro wrestling. We’ll keep tuning in for the wild UFC veteran scraps. Put some entertaining WWE-trained guys and gals on the undercard, and maybe we’ll stick around for more.

For complete BKFC 56 results, coverage and highlights click here.

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