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‘Delusional’ Michael Chandler will never fight Conor McGregor - ‘Get over it my brother’

There’s significant doubt that a Michael Chandler vs. Conor McGregor fight will come together. And top-ranked Brazilian Lightweight, Renato Moicano, believes “Iron” is delusional for thinking it will.

Michael Chandler continues to sit in limbo while waiting for a Conor McGregor fight to finally materialize. According to fellow top-ranked Lightweight contender, Renato Moicano, (and McGregor himself), he’s wasting his time.

Chandler and McGregor starred as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 31, and it was expected that a bout date would be announced sometime toward the end of that show’s run. But, we’re now 1.5 months past the last episode airing, and haven’t heard a peep about McGregor’s return date.

Not a real one, anyway.

Indeed, the Irish sports star made a lot of noise about fighting in December, but that’s not happening. So, what’s Chandler to do? He’s been on the sidelines for nearly one year now, and those “red panties” are starting to look more like fuzzy handcuffs.

He needs to wake up, according to Moicano.

“We have guys like Michael Chandler, he’s delusional,” Moicano said on The MMA Hour. “Conor is not going to fight him. Maybe never. Conor is on another level of craziness right now, we can see from the past two years the stuff he’s been doing outside of UFC, and I think he loves the attention, but he doesn’t like to fight anymore.

“Chandler, get over it my brother, you’re not going to have this fight,” he concluded. “I don’t know what Chandler is going to do.”

For McGregor’s part, he’s stopped talking about other potential opponents.

“Yes, it has to be [Chandler],” he said in a recent interview with All Out Fighting. “Chandler, sit down and wait! Shut your mouth, yeah? The Mac will be in touch!”

But, sit down and wait for how long?

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