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Sean Strickland tells UFC fans to reject consumer culture: ‘Enjoy your beat up Honda Civic’

UFC’s Middleweight champion is continuing to speak out about modern culture, which he considers toxic.

What kind of world are we living in?

Sean Strickland is currently UFC’s Middleweight champion, which is crazy enough. Now, we can report that he’s giving out life advice, and it’s ... actually pretty solid?

Strickland is best known for sharing an endless variety of off-color opinions on the world. Usually his stories involve almost murdering someone who’s annoying him, and those are the ones that are fit to print compared to others. But, now Strickland is using his new platform as UFC champion to try and impart some proper wisdom on all watching him.

He signed off from his first YouTube video as UFC champ with an interesting message.

“The reason why I drive a s—y Hyundai is, one: I’m cheap, very cheap,” he said. “But, the entire world makes you feel inadequate. Everything we do from what you wear to what you drive. You are born living in a f—ing commercial. When you’re a little infant and you’re watching TV, you are born looking at Audi and Mercedes commercials. When you hand a kid a cell phone when they’re born, they’re being f—ing brainwashed.

“I love America more than anything, but I do not recognize the world we live in,” he continued. “We are creating a generation of boys who judge their character by what they drive and what they wear. I don’t want to participate in making people feel like you are not enough. If you make, if you work an 8-hour job, if you do rebar, if you do electrical, I think that value of you comes from how you act, by the kind of father you are.”

“It’s a damn shame,” he concluded. “It’s a damn shame that we let corporations come in this country and we ruin the idea of what a f—ing man is. So as long as I’m a f—ing champion: you guys, enjoy your old f—ing crocs, enjoy your old beat-up f—ing Honda Civics, man. Just enjoy that s—.”

Something has definitely changed in “Tarzan” lately. Could it be love that’s rubbing the sharp edges off his persona? Whatever it is, we’re kind of here for it. Whether this force will be powerful enough to help him hold onto his 185-pound strap in a division full of hungry sharks waiting to take it from him remains to be seen.

They are plentiful, though.

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