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Tyson Fury set to make $200 million off fights with Francis Ngannou and Oleksandr Usyk

Big boxing money continues to get even bigger, making Francis Ngannou’s $10 million dollar payday seem quaint in comparison.

Tyson Fury v Francis Ngannou Press Conference Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

We already knew that Tyson Fury was set to earn multi-millions for his upcoming fights, but now his promoter is claiming that “The Gypsy King” may bank close to a quarter-billion United States dollars over the next six months.

Fury will box Francis Ngannou later this month (Oct. 28, 2023) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and then an actual professional boxer, Oleksander Usyk, in December (or January). Both fights go down in Saudi Arabia as part of the nation’s big “Riyadh Season” festivities. Indeed, The House of Saud is renown for splashing large sums of cash around, and ESNews queried Fury’s promoter, Bob Arum, on claims Fury would make $100 million against Usyk.

“I didn’t say that!” Arum replied, before sharing an even more impressive number. “I said Fury, with that [Usyk] fight and the Ngannou fight, in the near future, we’re hoping that he comes in at around $200 million.”

Arum also explained how the Fury vs. Usyk fight came together after all the “middle men” in Saudi sports moved aside and the real player, Turki Al al-Shikh, came to the table to make a deal.

“We’re not idiots,” Arum said. “We studied and we knew that Turki [Al al-Shikh] was the head of the entertainment division of the [Saudi] sovereign fund, and what he says goes in spending money on entertainment and sports in Saudi Arabia.

“Everybody else was a middleman,” Arum continued. “Like Wilder and Joshua made a deal with Saudi people, but they were middle men. They have to go to him to get the money, and there was no assurance that they would get it from him. But, if you’re dealing with the guy that’s in charge of the money, that’s a whole different kettle of fish.”

While Arum is excited for these two bouts, he admitted he’s not involved as he’d normally be because Saudi Arabia basically takes care of everything surrounding the event moving forward.

“It’s a big fight, it’s a good fight — it has nothing to do with me and my legacy,” he said. “I’m not the one that’s paying for it, I’m not the one that’s put it together. It’ll be a happy experience for us to be involved as we are in the event and to go over there and watch a good fight.”

As stated, Fury fights Ngannou at the end of the month. Few people are giving Ngannou much of a chance in that fight (Dana White included), but we assume the wiggle room in December or January dates for Fury vs. Usyk is in case Fury comes out a bit beat up and needs some time to recover.

Fat chance?

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