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Dillon Danis filing appeal in Logan Paul loss, Twitter begs him ‘stop embarrassing yourself’

Danis would like to have a word with the Professional Boxing Association (PBA). I doubt the feeling is mutual.

Dillon Danis is milking this cow for all it’s worth ... which judging by the reactions on social media, ain’t much.

The jiu-jitsu ace, who somehow trolled his way into a celebrity boxing match opposite WWE star Logan Paul, plans to file an appeal after last weekend’s decision loss, citing “multiple offenses” from his opponent, which include this ring-rushing debacle.

Twitter was not impressed.

“Bro just give up, the fight is over,” one user wrote, while another added “just stop embarrassing yourself.” Yet another reminded him “bro it’s been two days and you’re still crying,” in addition the memes, GIFs, and pics mocking the bout.

Maybe cheerleading Conor McGregor saw something we didn’t (like the paycheck).

“I think Dillion perfectly embodies the problem with society,” Paul wrote after the event. “All shit talk behind a screen. No action. Just another peasant running his mouth contributing nothing to this world but negativity. So happy I got to expose this clown.”

Safe to say Danis wasn’t the only clown exposed last weekend in Manchester.

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