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Robbery? KSI vs. Tommy Fury official decision changed post-fight

KSI vs. Tommy Fury ended in a majority draw win for Fury. Or, at least that’s what viewers were first told. Now, the scores are being updated after an error was discovered.

Boxing In Manchester - KSI v Tommy Fury Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images

KSI vs. Tommy Fury went down on Saturday night (Oct. 14, 2023) in Manchester, England, as the main event of Misfits Boxing’s much-ballyhooed “The PRIME Card.” Did the fight deliver? No, it did not. Did KSI possibly get screwed out of a win? Maybe a little, but who cares?

Indeed, very little went on the ring between Fury and KSI, so we’re not particularly interested in adjudicating a fight that either guy could have won with a little more gusto. But, you could argue that KSI did throw a few more punches here and there, and that should have earned him a decision win across six rounds (watch highlights here).

Unfortunately for KSI, the judges didn’t see it that way. The official scores as read on fight night were: 57-56 Fury, 57-56 Fury and a 57-57 draw — a majority decision win for Tommy Fury.

“Robbery!” KSI declared immediately after the fight. “How many jabs did you land? You weren’t landing. Look at your face, look at your eyes. I want to appeal. That is outrageous. I felt like I won that.”

Well, the judges have revised the score on the bout, but not in the way KSI might like. It turns out that someone mis-counted the scores of the judge that called the fight a 57-57 draw. They instead had the fight 57-56 in favor of Fury.

So, now Fury walks away from the fight with a unanimous decision.

According to Fury, this will be his last bout against a YouTuber-turned boxer.

“He’s very awkward, but at the end of the day, we got the victory,” he said. “I’m done with all this crossover s—. I’m done with the bulls—.”

Well, maybe he’s not completely done with the crossover s—. He did end up calling out Conor McGregor. Too bad Conny is more interested in KSI.

There’s that juicy rematch sitting on the table, too.

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