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Highlights! Paul vs. Danis ends in chaotic disqualification after last-second choke attempt | Misfits Prime

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Boxing In Manchester - KSI v Tommy Fury Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images

The co-main event clash between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis ended in disqualification earlier today (Sat., Oct. 14, 2023) at Misfits Boxing: “Prime Card” live on DAZN PPV and from inside AO Arena in Manchester, England, when Danis tried to choke out Paul in the sixth and final round of their boxing match.

Danis played the defensive role in the first round by shelling up and allowing Paul to unload some energy. Paul got through on a few of them, but Danis moved well and scored some solid counter shots. Paul landed a really good punch in the second that buckled Danis. That allowed Paul to move in for a flurry of punches in the corner, but Danis shelled up and made the bell.

Danis offered little to no offense in the third round either. He actually fell to the canvas on purpose inviting Paul into his guard, but this was a boxing match. The fans in attendance didn’t like it and started to boo pretty badly. Danis did score some good right hands in the beginning of the fourth round, but the co-main event was looking like a complete washout.

Paul kept firing away in the fifth round as Danis talked the talk, but did anything but walk the walk. He simply wasn’t firing counter shots or trying to score from distance in fear of getting caught and stopped. That allowed Paul to tee off at will and completely dominant the final minutes of action.

Unfortunately, the fight couldn’t even make it to the final bell. Danis kept trying to take Paul down in the sixth and even went for a guillotine choke. Paul tried to hammer fist Danis when he went to the mat and that prompted Danis to attack Paul. Danis even threw a punch at one of the security guards. The ring filled with countless team members and ringside officials to prevent an all-out brawl. The fight was waved off.

It was absolutely bonkers. Check out the full fight video highlights below:

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