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Highlights! Mystic ‘King’ Gordon Ryan wins WNO 20 match via armbar (as predicted)

Gordon Ryan not only beat Patrick Gaudio with apparent ease, he predicted the submission he’d use to win ... again!

Gordon Ryan has done it again.

“The King” returned to action for the first time in 2023 to defend his WNO Heavyweight title, tapping Patrick Gaudio with an armbar submission.

And he called his shot.

Ryan was in complete control through the entire 4:40 that the 30-minute “super” fight lasted. He got on top of Gaudio early and methodically moved into mount and then isolated his opponent’s arm. He went all-in on the armbar, transitioning to straight jacket then breaking Gaudio’s grip with a biceps slicer and forcing the tap.

Following the bout, Ryan revealed what was in his spooky “box of mystery:” another envelope with a pre-fight prediction: armbar submission. The Mystic “King” strikes again. It’s crazy that Ryan isn’t just beating some of the best Brazilian jiu-jitsu players in the game, he’s calling his shot and pulling it off every time.

Well, almost ...

Also in the box: a bottle of Proper 12 whiskey. Is Gordon Ryan now sponsored by Conor McGregor? He could certainly afford it. Or, was it because we just witnessed a “Proper” armbar?

The last item in the box? A creepy little doll. Nothing to get upset about, though. We’re just impressed, and we won’t have to wait almost an entire year before we get to see Ryan work again. His next bout has already been announced for Thur., Nov. 30, 2023, against Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa.

Any bold predictions?

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