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Video: Watch UFC’s 115-pound women’s champion punch Shaq, pick up 300-pound NBA legend

On Friday (Sept. 30, 2023), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s Strawweight buzzsaw, Zhang Weili, had an incredible run-in with NBA Hall of Famer, Shaquille O’Neal, and after the wholesome encounter, Zhang can basically do anything.

Zhang — who is no stranger to picking up very large humans — shared the wholesome run-in on her Instagram, meeting the four-time NBA championship winner for the first time in a gym.

In the video clip, O’Neal then asked Zhang to punch the fun-loving 7’1,” 325-pound mountain of a man. And she does ... twice. The first punch wasn’t hard because the Chinese fighter didn’t know if O’Neal really wanted one. Then, when O’Neal told her to punch him harder, she did, and it made the basketball star just about take a knee. Obviously, it wasn’t a full-force punch, but it was enough.

Watch the shenanigans below:

“I met a big shark today. And I punched him @shaq,” Zhang wrote on Instagram.

The two-time Strawweight champion wasn’t done. Next, she lifted O’Neal off the ground. Yep, a 115-pound fighter lifted a 300-pound giant. And O’Neal was visibly shaken after Zhang picked him up — you can see it on his face.

Watch that clip below:

“You meet a big guy like Shaq — I still lift him up,” Zhang remarked.

Zhang is coming off an impressive five-round beatdown of Amanda Lemos at UFC 292, where she successfully defended her Strawweight championship. There is no date or opponent confirmed for her next bout at this time.

But, it’s no real secret who’s got next.

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