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Dana White roasts Stephen Espinoza (again) after watching ONE Championship production blunder

Alex Behunin/MMA Mania

The s—t talking saga continues ...

UFC CEO, Dana White, and Showtime Sports President, Stephen Espinoza, do not like each other, sending shots at each other since the epic Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather cross-over boxing event back in 2017.

In the past week, the beef has reignited, with White celebrating the rumored demise of Showtime Boxing and then Espinoza clapping back with, “UFC has never done a gate of $20 million.”

And, of course, White responded swiftly to that claim right here.

Then, randomly, White burned Espinoza again last night (Sat., Sept 30, 2023) on social media for no apparent reason.

Indeed, during ONE Fight Night 14: “Stamp vs. Ham,” which took place this past Friday (Sept. 29, 2023), there was a production error that made the broadcast, and Twitter legend, Caposa, shared it.

White saw the embarrassing mistake and wrote, “Espinoza has taken over the Production for One FC.”

The diss is a call back to White’s disdain for the Showtime Boxing’s production. Indeed, White bashes Showtime’s “sh—ty” production whenever he can. In fact, several weeks ago after PowerSlap 4, UFC’s head honcho launched a mega rant:

“Showtime is f—king horrible,” White said. “Those guys suck so bad; you f—king guys could show up with your f—king video cameras and do a better job than Showtime. Seriously, it’s the worst production in all of television. F—king PBS has better f—king programming than Showtime. It’s horrible. Everybody who works on that f—king show should be embarrassed.”

Espinoza will probably clap back in the coming days, or White will continue his verbal smackdown of Showtime.


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