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Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Luis Garcia results, live stream fight coverage

Gervonta Davis v Rolando Romero Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Gervonta “Tank” Davis has a very lucrative date with fellow superstar Ryan Garcia this April, but he’ll have to pass a potentially dangerous test this evening when he takes on undefeated Super Featherweight champion Hector Luis Garcia in Washington, DC. will deliver LIVE coverage of today’s main event below. The Showtime-streaming broadcast kicks off at 9 p.m. ET, with Davis and Garcia likely making the walk closer to 12 a.m ET.

Garcia is no stranger to flipping the script, having routed the highly touted Chris Colbert in what multiple outlets consider 2022’s Upset of the Year. He subsequently claimed the WBA’s 130-pound title with a wide decision over Roger Gutierrez, and now he’ll move up five pounds to face Davis.

“Tank” is coming off a one-punch knockout of rival Rolando Romero, which followed his first trip to the judges since 2014 in a victorious effort against Mexican slugger Isaac Cruz. Though he’s faced considerable legal trouble, both in recent accusations of domestic violence and an alleged hit-and-run, there’s a whole lot of money on the table if he can get past Garcia.

In Welterweight action, ultra-prospect Jaron “Boots” Ennis faces undefeated Karen Chukhadzhian in an IBF eliminator and Rashidi Ellis takes on Colombian puncher Roiman Villa. The broadcast opener pits former two-division champion Demetrius Andrade against Demond Nicholson in the former’s Super Middleweight debut.

Davis Vs. Garcia Quick Results:

Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Luis Garcia — Davis def. Garcia by TKO at 0:13 of Round Nine — HIGHLIGHTS!
Jaron Ennis vs. Karen Chukhadzhian — Ennis def. Chukhadzian by unanimous decision (120-108 x3)
Rashidi Ellis vs. Roiman Villa — Villa def. Ellis by majority decision (113-113, 114-112 x2)
Demetrius Andrade vs. Demond Nicholson — Andrade def. Nicholson by unanimous decision (100-88 x3)

Davis Vs. Garcia Round-By-Round Updates:

WBA “World” Lightweight Championship: Gervonta Davis vs. Hector Luis Garcia

Round one: Both men flicking out their jabs. Neither committing to power shots yet. Halfway through. Davis looks for a body shot. 10-9 Davis, I guess?

Round two: Picking up right where they left off. Davis is landing slightly more, maybe, but not by a lot. Counter right hook from Garcia. Halfway through. Garcia tries a 1-2, eats a quick jab. Both attack the body in the center. Garcia with a pair of hooks high and low. Davis looks to attack in the corner at the bell 10-9, 20-18 Davis.

Round three: Davis still seems the busier of the two, which wasn’t at all what I expected. Good 1-2 from Davis, Garcia comes back with a left. Sharp counter left by Garcia. 1-2. Halfway through. Garcia to the body inside. Both try pull-back lefts in sequence. Garcia jabs the body, follows up with a glancing left upstairs. Back to trading jabs. Garcia picking up the pace. 10-9 Garcia, 29-28 Davis.

Round four: Davis keeping his guard tight. Looking to pressure a bit. Left hand connects. Garcia lands some solid body shots and they trade in the center. Good exchanges. Halfway through More body work from Garcia. Davis right there with him. 1-1-2 connects. 2-3 as they trade. Low-high two-piece. 1-2 met by a Garcia combination. Good back-and-forth action in the pocket. Swing round. 10-9 Garcia, 38-38.

Round five: Slow opening minute. Lead left by Davis, eats a body shot in return. Right hook and pull counter land for Garcia. Nice combination halfway through. Davis lands a 1-2, eats body shots, lands a counter left. Clubbing 1-2 from Garcia as Davis ducks down. Heavy shots from both men. Tight left by Davis before he’s shoved away. Nice three-piece. 10-9, 48-47 Davis.

Round six: Early body shot from Garcia. Hook off the jab, Davis comes back with a left. Garcia digs a left downstairs, eats a left up top shoulder-to-shoulder. Halfway through. More body shots by Garcia and another tight left by Davis in return. Davis advances, gets backed off by jabs. Both bang the body. Davis straight left, Garcia double right hook and body shot. Garcia really tearing into the body, clips Davis with an overhand left. Davis rips a right hand downstairs. Straight left around the 10-second mark. 10-9 Garcia, 57-57.

Round seven: Davis looking to push the pace but it’s Garcia landing consistently, especially to the body. Davis just misses on an uppercut, eats body shots. Both score with counter lefts. Another one from Davis, clinch. Halfway through. Jabs from Garcia, body shot behind them. Straight left and right hook land for Davis. He tries to flurry, eats body shots. More body shots by Garcia. 1-2. 10-9, 67-66 Garcia.

Round eight: Tight lefts from Davis inside. He lands body shots, eats a heavy 1-2. Garcia putting together combinations. Some sort of commotion breaks out in the audience and they actually pause the action. When they resume, Garcia goes back to attacking the body. Lovely hook off the jab. 1-2 from Davis. Halfway through. Both fire 1-2s, Garcia follows with body shots. Heavy three-piece by Davis. Good straight left, but he walks into a brutal right hook. Garcia putting together combinations as they trade point-blank. Davis on the attack late in the round. Heavy counter left. Great fight. 10-9 Davis, 76-76.

Round nine: Garcia can’t see, so this one’s over.

Final result: Davis def. Garcia by TKO — Watch Highlights!

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