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Fumble! Tommy Fury rejects multimillion dollar purse, demands to fight Jake Paul for free

Paul and Fury have been linked multiple times in the past but “TNT” would “fumble the bag” and contribute to a pair of late cancellations.

Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley - Press Conference Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

You would think a pugilist with eight professional fights would understand how prizefighting works, but it appears Tommy Fury would prefer to compete for free instead of cashing in a multimillion dollar purse against boxing rival Jake Paul.

Paul called a $2.5 million payout for Fury “accurate.”

“I have done everything in my power to make the fight happen against this 8-0 boxer, including offering to go to Manchester for February 18 in partnership with Frank and George Warren,” Paul told Mirror Fighting. “I’m looking at any other alternative to make this fight work.”

Fury rejected the offer in favor of a potential charity match.

“I’ll fight you for free in Manchester or London next month, not a problem,” Fury said on social media. “Let's see how game you are. Promoters get nothing, who try to take everything. You and me get nothing. All proceeds go to charity. I just want to fight you and put an end to you. All this money and everything, it’s just gone on too long. Manchester or London, next month, we get nothing, all proceeds go to charity. Take it or leave it.”

This is the same fighter who “wouldn’t get out of bed” for $500,000.

Former UFC champion Kamaru Usman once said fighters who were scared or simply didn’t want to compete against a particular opponent would drive up their asking price to the point where they priced themselves out of the fight (read those comments here).

Perhaps Fury is using that strategy in reverse.

Regardless of what happens with “TNT,” it’s only a matter of time before Paul makes his return to the “sweet science.” The YouTube star recently signed a longterm deal with PFL MMA featuring a contractual clause that allows (and in many ways encourages) boxing.

Possible opponents range from Mike Perry to Nate Diaz and beyond.

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