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Rampage Jackson still wants to fight his TUF bully victim Darrill Schoonover

It’s been more than one decade since Jackson dubbed Darrill Schoonover “Titties” on SpikeTV, but Quinton still wants to fight him in the cage.

Bellator Japan Weigh-In Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage

Quinton Jackson may be 44 years old, but “Rampage” still believes he has a few more fights left in the tank in different combat sports.

Jackson’s last fight was a terrible first round technical knockout loss to Fedor Emelianenko in 2019 where he turned up to Japan overweight and under-motivated (watch highlights). “Rampage” would later blame his shape and the performance on a medication for hypothyroidism, but that excuse hasn’t smoothed things over with Bellator, which footed the bill for the Fedor fight.

“I probably won’t go back to Bellator — I don’t think Bellator want anything to do with me after my last fight,” Jackson said during an extensive interview on the No Jumper YouTube channel. “My last fight was a flop. It was just really bad. it was the last fight on my contract, and I don’t think they’d take me back.”

Now, “Rampage” is done fighting the Fedors of the world and is more interested in specific matches against opponents with whom he has history.

“I’d like to do some grudge matches, since I’m old and stuff,” he said. “There’s a couple guys I owe some ass-kickings to,” Jackson noted. “For one, Wanderlei [Silva]. Me and him, we fought four times. We’re 2-2. I would like to box him or something different. Even the score. Then Marvin Eastman, I owe him a rubber match. We’re 1-1. And a guy from The Ultimate Fighter, Darrill Schoonover. The guy I gave the nickname ‘Titties.’ He hates me.

“And I feel kinda bad, because the young kids, they think it’s bullying when you make fun of somebody,” he added. “When I grew up, bullying was when you beat the s— out of someone and took their lunch money or something like that. But, now bullying is when you make fun of somebody’s shoes. And so people ... I called him ‘Titties.’ But, he started the whole thing, he made fun of me. I was just funnier. I like to joke around.”

Schoonover was an undefeated (10-0) Heavyweight on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 back in 2009, and is best known for being Jackson’s verbal punching bag through the entire run. He’d end up losing TUF and going on a four-fight losing skid before turning things around and winning four fights, including one against former UFC title contender, Paul Buentello.

He hasn’t fought since 2015, and the last time he used Twitter was in 2016 to retweet another interview where “Rampage” claimed he wanted to fight. We’re guessing he got tired of waiting?

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