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Dana White’s Power Slap Ep. 2: Live stream updates, results, reactions


Guess who’s back? Back again. Slapping’s back ... tell a friend.

No, seriously, if you like this stuff, tell someone, because there weren’t a lot of eyeballs on it last week, and they can use the help. The good news is that on any given weekday, MMA Maniacs here click more than 100,000 pages on our lovely site, so we know about a third of the viewership was our loyal members, because we all know every one of you tuned in, right? Right?


While we all know all the old heads here watched it last week and needs no refresher, for the hordes of newcomers, here’s a link to our recap of Episode 1. And while no one is exactly sure what to expect in terms of how the show is going to play out, I think we can expect it to be similar to last week’s, in which they show matches of tryouts from last year, as they attempt to weed out the slapping field to a full reality show house.

I assume there will be both full matches as well as highlight clips as they thin the herd of men (and some women) willing to try this “new sport” for not much reward other than glory of some kind.

So, while we know that “Big” John McCarthy and Stefon Diggs and Bill Burr won’t be watching, we do know Frank Lamicella will! And me! And you ... maybe!


Coming at 10 p.m. ET ...

Seven people got in from Ep. 1, and they’re working on the rest of the roster spots in tonight’s show. Starting off with Heavyweights. Frank Holland in blue, Ayjay Hintz in gray. They both survive round 1. And round 2. Hintz gets the win in third with a TKO.

Welterweight action. Michael Smith (in blue) is back from the first episode as a re-invite. Paul Teague in gray. The get through the first. Teague going first in the 2nd round knocks Smith down, but fouls and gets a 1 point deduction. Smith retaliates with a TKO.

On to the middleweight division. Mike Webster in blue, Emanuel Muniz in gray. Mike won the coin toss, but for whatever reason, chose to go second... aaaand Muniz with the first hit knockout. This isn’t football, man. Don’t defer.

Heavyweights now. Kody Hrastnick in blue, former The Ultimate Fighter contestant Mitchell Sipe in gray. Sipe wins the flip and does NOT pass on going first. And wins on the first hit.

Moving back to the welterweights. In the blue shirt is Alex Asbury who’s back from Ep. 1, he lost due to a big cut on his lip. Waylon Frost in gray. Knockdown from Frost to start. Asbury gets a 1-point stepping foul. Now Frost gets a stepping foul on a knockdown but Alex isn’t able to continue. However, he wins by DQ. Interesting rulings. If the fighter hears it’s a foul, he could stay down and collect the win.

Asbury is getting medically suspended by the commission, so Dana White says he’s inviting Waylon into the house instead. OK, that's a little odd.

Light heavyweights now. Russel Rivero in blue, Danny Robles in gray. Rivero with the knockout in the first hit, but an illegal hit, DQ’ing Rivero. But since Robles was knocked out so badly, he’ll get suspended too, and they brought in Rivero to the house.

Now it's middleweights. Travis Aragon in blue, Travis Kennedy is back from Ep. 1 in gray. Both men make it through round 1. And round 2. And the 3rd. Judges give it to Kennedy by split decision.

We’re doing a quick run-though of Jesus Gaspar vs Azael Rodriguez as Dana White pans it for a bunch of fouls.

Light heavyweight again. Isaih Quinones in blue, Nicolae Solcoci in gray. Solcoci with a first round TKO.

We’re onto the coaches picking teams. A couple people get bounced due to weight class numbers.

Darius wins the coin toss and takes Mitchell Sipe first. Ryan Phillips to “Wolverine”.

We’re going super fast now and I can't keep up with the order, it's so quick. Here are the teams:

Team Wolverine

HW - Ryan Phillips, Ayjay Hintz
LHW - Vern Cathey, Nicolae Solcoci
MW - John Davis, Wesley Drain
WW - Chris Thomas, Michael Smith, Jesus Gaspar, Azael Rodriguez, Andrew Provost

Team Destroyer

HW - Mitchell Sipe, Duane Crespo
LHW - Russel Rivero, Devon Schwan
MW - Jon Kennedy, Emanuel Muniz
WW - Jesse Nutting, Waylon Frost, Jewell Scott, Carrese Archer, Robert Trujillo

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