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UFC 283 results: Jamahal Hill batters bloodied Glover Teixeira, becomes Light Heavyweight champion


Jamahal Hill and Glover Teixeira squared off in a Light Heavyweight contest earlier tonight (Sat., Jan. 21, 2023) at UFC 283 from inside Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The former champion had his moments, but mostly, Hill battered the longtime veteran.

Hill was quick with his early straight punches. Teixeira responded with a deep takedown attempt, but Hill denied him and landed several hard knees in response. “Sweet Dreams” was really focused on attacking the body, stabbing front kicks and a heavy round kick into his mid-section. Then, he landed a mean check hook that backed the Brazilian off.

Teixeira responded with a few shots, but Hill was starting to tee off on the feet. “Hands of Stone” held steady and returned with a big body shot of his own. Hill denied another takedown and put together a three-piece combination. In the final minute of the fight, Teixeira did manage to connect a bit better on his punches, even if he still took some hard shots.

Neither man really changed their strategy in the second. Teixeira continued to pressure and look for his right hand, while Hill worked from the backfoot. Teixeira was finding good success with his calf kick, but Hill paid him back with a high kick that wobbled him! Hill swarmed, landing some really brutal uppercuts and knees in the ensuing flurry. Somehow, Teixeira not only survived, but he fired back and scored hard!

At the midway point in the round, Jamahal Hill landed THREE STRAIGHT RIGHT HANDS then was TAKEN DOWN! In classic Teixeira fashion, he wrestled best while injured, and he was soon in top position hunting for submissions. Hill’s eye was swelling shut, but he did manage to return to his feet with a minute remaining. Both men were tired, but Hill managed to land some huge right hands before the bell.

The third began with a deep takedown attempt from Teixeira, but Hill again pulled him back up into the clinch. Another head kick from Hill stunned his opponent, and Teixeira hit the canvas. Hill took top position and just started hammering away, wisely refusing Teixeira any opportunity to wrestle up into a takedown. Still, the Brazilian survived, and Hill allowed him back to his feet. Both men breathing heavy, but Teixeira’s face was beyond bruised and bloodied.

The Brazilian’s eye brow was split wide open.

Hill ripped into the body to start the fourth, looking fresh after the minute break. Teixeira was just getting cracked up and down, leaving him in dire need of a takedown that just wouldn’t come. Teixeira actually landed a few decent shots on the counter, but Hill just did so much damage. Teixeira was unstable on his feet, doing just enough to prevent a referee stoppage.

Bucking all expectations, Teixeira scored a takedown early in the fifth! He passed into side control and then mount with plenty of time to work. Unfortunately for the Brazilian, Hill escaped out the back door and landed in top position. He passed guard briefly before allowing Teixeira up with a minute remaining.

There would be no miracle comeback.

Teixeira somehow survived to the final bell, but that moral victory would have to be enough for the former champion. Conversely, Hill put on a dominant performance, showed a lot of technical growth, and makes history as the first athlete to go from “Contender Series” product to UFC champion.

Result: Jamahal Hill defeats Glover Teixeira via unanimous decision

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