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Video: Sean Strickland challenges ‘fraud’ from D.U.S.T to $200K fight in the desert

UFC Fight Night: Strickland v Imavov Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Sean Strickland is coming off a dominant decision win over Nassourdine Imavov at UFC Vegas 67 earlier this month, but the middleweight contender may now have his hands full with self-defense instructor Dale Brown from those hilarious Detroit Urban Survival Training (D.U.S.T.) videos.

Strickland connected with Brown earlier this week and witnessed his self-defense techniques first hand. Of course, Strickland eventually retaliated during Brown’s demonstration and ended up knocking over a gun display after throwing a fake knee.

In case you missed it you can see Strickland’s clumsy encounter with Brown right HERE.

As if this clip wasn’t enough, Brown discussed the altercation after the matter and stated that he and Strickland should go out into the middle of the desert with only a camera man to see who comes out victorious. Brown seemed to be having a little fun with his callout, but the D.U.S.T. instructor remained confident.

Strickland, however, was all business. The UFC middleweight wasted no time responding to Brown and issuing him an offer for a desert showdown.

“You said you would meet me in the desert?” asked Strickland. “I will make you a deal. Next week, the following week, whenever you’re free. I will buy your plane ticket. I will put you at whatever hotel you want. I will go take $200,000 in cash and I will put it in the sand. You can have that money. All you got to do is beat me. Just say when, man. I promise you we will do this whenever you want.

“The thing is dude you’re a fraud. You’re a phony. You’re a con-artist. You know you are. I know you are.”

There’s absolutely no chance Brown accepts Strickland’s challenge because if he entered the desert with the UFC fighter he may never return home again. That said, this is wildly entertaining. Many people around the combat community have made jokes about Brown’s techniques in the past, but few have taken it this far. Leave it up to Sean Strickland.

What do you think, Maniacs? Should Brown take Strickland up on his $200,000 offer?

Let’s hear it!

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