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Big Boy vs Bad Boy? Instagram bodybuilder wants to box Tito Ortiz, ex-UFC champ says ‘Let’s do it’

“This guy calls me out by saying I called him out.” —Tito Ortiz

Move over Jizzy, there’s a new meathead in town.

Instagram bodybuilder “Big Boy,” whose real name is ... probably not even worth the trip to Google to look up, appears to be using that old boxing trick of calling someone out by claiming they called him out.

In this case, it’s former UFC champion Tito Ortiz.

“This Big Boy cat ... he said that I called him out. I never called this guy out,” Ortiz told his Instagram followers. “This guy is talking out of the side of his neck. I’ve never had any problem against him, or with him, I like the guy. He said I called him out which is completely false. The guy wants smoke, let’s light this shit up, let’s do it. I’ve done nothing since I fought Anderson. I still got fight left in me. If this guy wants smoke, make it happen.”

Ortiz retired from MMA several years back but agreed to box Anderson Silva as part of the Brazilian’s “sweet science” tour in late 2021. Since that knockout loss, “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” has remained inactive, but did move his family from California to Florida.

Perhaps he wants to be closer to Mar-a-Lago?

“I respect all fighters, 100 percent,” Big Boy told TMZ Sports. “He’s a world champion. I’ve looked up to him and I respect him. But I think he’s past his prime. I think I’m more explosive. I’m stronger. I got more game than him. Everything all in one. I just think it’s his time, man. I’m gonna really retire his ass.”

Sounds like a good addition to the next Misfits Boxing fight card.

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