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Fans are destroying UFC for hawking ‘Power Crap’ (Slap) fighting — ‘Dumbest idea of all time’

Twitter is sort of like that river of psychomagnotheric slime flowing through the abandoned New York Pneumatic Railroad in Ghostbusters II, so I think most of us expect every post — particularly those from an organization or business — to be littered with negativity from fickle followers.

But even UFC has to be surprised with the amount of hate directed at Power Slap League.

The new slap fighting promotion created by UFC President Dana White and (somehow) sanctioned by Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) will premiere next Weds. (Jan. 11) on TBS with a simple premise: slap the s—t out of your opponent and make them flop to the ground.

Do it enough times and you win a shiny blue belt.

The UFC social media channels have been forced to promote this new endeavor because White is the boss of both organizations and this is his latest pet project. Unfortunately for moderators, foul-mouthed UFC fans have been destroying each and every Power Slap post, calling it “the dumbest idea of all time.”

Here’s a sample:

Please stop with this absolute nonsense

Power Crap: Road to the Toilet

I speak for everyone when I say we DO NOT care

Why... Just why?

I predict this will crash and burn like Zuffa Boxing

Absolutely trash!!!!!

I never thought the UFC could get any lower, but here they go

I’d rather sh*t in my hands and clap

Power Slap has to be the dumbest idea of all time. It’s the Russian roulette of sports. Dana, maybe invest more effort in making better fights. Right now ‘23 is looking grim in terms of marquee matchups. Two thirds of your biggest stars are sitting on the sidelines. Wake up dude.


White has previously tried (and failed) to get other combat sports ventures off the ground, including the stillborn Zuffa Boxing and the one-and-done “Fighters” on Discovery channel. It will be interesting to see if Power Slap League can rise above its critics or join XARM in the “we had a dumb idea and some even dumber investors” hall of shame.

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