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Slap fighter disfigured in horrific scene, wins slapping championship anyway (Video)

Protect yourself at no times!

Dana White’s Power Slap League is set to debut this Weds. night (Jan. 18) on TBS and for those fans who aren’t sure what to expect from a sport where two opponents slap the s—t out of each other, may I introduce you to International bruiser Sorin Comsa, who survived 10 rounds of open-handed violence to win the RXF heavyweight title in Romania.

Here’s a sample of his Las Vegas Casino slapping:

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor was impressed.

“Absolutely gorgeous technique, congrats to the new heavyweight champion,” McGregor wrote on Twitter.

Watch the full event below:

Slap fighting has been around for a few years and even made its way to last year’s Arnold Classic, but White’s Power Slap promotion — which launches just a few weeks after his own “embarrassing” slapping incident — is the first genuine effort to launch the sport stateside.

Whether or not fans tune in remains to be seen.

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