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Sean Strickland explains why he hates face offs: ‘You aren’t my f—king dad, don’t look at me like that’

We now know the reason Sean Strickland doesn’t take his fight week face-offs too seriously.

Strickland got back into the win column at UFC Vegas 67 last night (Jan. 14, 2023), defeating Nassourdine Imavov via unanimous decision. The No. 7-ranked Middleweight snapped the first two-fight losing streak of his career and successfully defended his spot in the Top 15 rankings.

Before the fight on Friday morning, during the official UFC Vegas 67 weigh-ins, Strickland did his usual nonchalant face off to which Imavov called him out for not taking it seriously.

During UFC Vegas 67’s post-fight press conference (watch it here), Strickland explained why he hates face offs.

“You see how that motherf—ker looked at me at the weigh-ins? You guys see that s—t? How hard was that f—king Frenchie? Too bad your f—king country doesn’t look like, everybody conquered him like that,” Strickland told the media. “Like, let me tell you guys something. If I was in the streets and a mother—ker looked at me like that, I would probably f—king shoot him. This is why I don’t understand it. Like, when you look at a motherf—ker in the eyes like that, what are you trying to say? Like I want to f—k you? If I look at something like that, usually it mean I want to f—k them. Like, what are you trying to say? [Are you] trying to get in my head? Well, I will f—king kill you, metaphorically speaking, but like when you look at me like that? I would f—king cartel you and your f—king family if you look at me like that. You motherf—ker. So not to get you off the beaten path, man, but I hate when motherf—kers do the staring down thing, and they look at me like that.

“I f—king hate it,” Strickland continued. “Like it makes me so f—king angry, dude. It just makes me angry. You aren’t my f—king Dad, don’t look at me like that.

“It’s like a weird way of trying to intimidate me,” he concluded. “It’s like, motherf—ker I will kill you. Again, guys, don’t cancel me for this. This is a thought. When a man looks at me like that, I will f—king kill you and your f—king family. Do you think it f—king scares me b—ch? Like you think it f—king scares me? So what I try to do is I laugh, and I joke it brings me to places I don’t want to f—king be.”

If there is one thing that we learned this weekend, do not seriously stare down Strickland.

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