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Nick Diaz slams Tony Ferguson’s ‘obnoxious’ standup game: ‘I can’t stand that type of style’

UFC 279: Diaz v Ferguson Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

While most fight fans have basked in the glory that is Tony Ferguson’s fighting style over the past decade some fighters — including MMA veteran Nick Diaz — can’t seem to stand it.

Ferguson, who is on the tail end of his storied Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) career, is certainly not what he used to be. Once the owner of a 12-fight win streak “El Cucuy” has lost his last five trips to the Octagon. This includes a recent submission loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 279 this past September.

All of that said, Ferguson still possesses one of the most unique fighting styles in all of combat sports. This includes spinning attacks, ankle picks, rolling submission attempts, and a herky-jerky standup game that always keeps his opponents guessing. Ferguson may be riding a serious losing streak, but he’s been able to make a long career out of his unorthodox fighting style.

Diaz, who has been around the sport of MMA for quite some time, doesn’t understand why people are infatuated with Ferguson’s unique approach. Instead, Diaz believes “El Cucuy” fights the way he does due to a lack of technique.

“I don’t like it. It’s obnoxious. I can’t stand that type of style,” Diaz said of Ferguson during a recent physical therapy session with sports doctor Beau Hightower (shown above). “I’m not gonna knock it because that’s what you have to do. It’s like a spastic type of person (who) makes up (for) a lack of technique with those types of tactics. You have to avoid those tactics and it’s an annoying type of guy to fight.”

While Diaz understands that the sport of MMA encompasses all facets of fighting and allows unique attributes to rise to the surface he still doesn’t think Ferguson should be doing what he does inside of the Octagon.

“That’s mixed martial arts for you, though. But just because it’s mixed martial arts, doesn’t mean that you should depend on these tactics that you’re allowed to do. If you have a strong base and you throw those in, then it’s one thing.

“But a lot of times, people will make up for their lack of strong base and technique with stuff like what he does.”

Do you agree with Diaz? Does Ferguson make up for a lack of skill with his unique fighting style?

Let’s hear it!

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